North 24 Parganas News: The land is crowded! Messi danced in the streets as Argentina won, evidence remains

#North 24 Parganas: After 36 years of waiting, the World Cup was once again in the hands of Argentina football team. However, Lionel Messi was definitely the hero of this tense World Cup final football game. Even before the start of the final game, the enthusiasm of Argentina and Messi fans was noticed in different parts of the country as well as in the state and even in the district. Argentina football fans wanted Messi to win the World Cup. Somewhere in the district, mini Qatar was made and somewhere else, the World Cup was going to be in the hands of the brother and there was a prayer going on for him. Finally came the victory.

The World Cup was won by star footballer Messi. While the Argentine football stars are celebrating the victory on the TV, the victory celebrations of the Argentine football fans in different parts of the North 24 Parganas district went on in different ways. However, there was a special surprise in Argentina neighborhood of Ichapur Nawabganj. The enthusiasm of the Argentine fans on this day seemed to overshadow everything. The joy of winning the World Cup in the hands of Messi. Shiva Patra introduced Messi as his brother and danced down the street. Let’s distribute sweets.

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Argentina fans were also seen with tears in their eyes. On the other side of the district, Mini Qatar was built at Sarkarpara in Gobardanga. The whole area was decorated with colorful placard lights and giant screens and the frenzy of watching the World Cup football game went on. As soon as the victory came, the fans were caught in a frenzy with the bust of Messi in their arms somewhere. All in all, Argentina supporters also told about more plans and celebrations in this victory celebration of Messi and Argentina. For example, it is known that a huge rally has been organized to celebrate this victory of Argentina in Nawabganj of Chappur. This victory celebration will continue with Messi’s blind devotee Shiva Patra in front.

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