North 24 Parganas News: Moumita went from skinny to gym to power girl, brightened the face of the country

Rudra Narayan Roy, North 24 Parganas: The power girl returned home shining the face of the country. Moumita brightened the face of Bengal by winning four gold and four silver medals in international powerlifting. Hridaypur’s family and neighbors are happy as the girl returns home successfully.

Moumita Ghosh of Hridaypur, North 24 Parganas won this title for India in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship organized in New Zealand. Maumita loves sports since childhood. But never thought that you can show it in lifting available.

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A year ago, he joined the gym to reduce his weight. From there, interest in powerlifting grew. This girl from Bengal won gold in multiple championships at the district, state, and national levels within a year, and finally snatched the gold at the international level. And so he moved to New Zealand to prove himself.

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He got his parents by his side through hard work. Finally, the whole family is happy when the international level honor is raised on the daughter’s head. 20-year-old Maumita wants to take herself to the Asia and World Championships in the future. So still practicing every day. Maumita has become one of the symbols of Bengal’s sports-loving girls. Parents are also proud of their daughter’s success today. They also said that they will continue to try to take the girl forward according to their ability. Many people from the surrounding area are already crowding the house of Hridaypur to see this power girl.

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