North 24 Parganas News: Gangrape of married woman on the brink of ousting in search of abandoned husband

#North 24 Parganas: The housewife was ready to get back her unsuspecting husband. And taking that opportunity, allegations of gang rape of the housewife were made against Ojha and his colleague. The housewife committed suicide in humiliation. And because of that, the sensation spread in the whole area.

The incident took place in Kalupur area of ​​Bangaon police station in North 24 Parganas. Deceased housewife Indra Sarkar. The deceased’s brother filed a written complaint at Bangaon police station. Accused Ojha has been arrested on the basis of a written complaint. According to family sources, three years ago, the woman’s husband went to work in the Andamans and disappeared. Despite searching in different places, his wife was not found. Finally, the housewife went to an Ojha in the area. And there he suffered the extreme consequences of life. It was alleged that Ojha along with his colleagues used to gang-rape housewives. Ojha threatened to kill his five-year-old son if he tried to stop him. The housewife of Bangaon committed suicide in humiliation.

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The family claims that the housewife had written a letter before her death. Three years ago, her husband, young child and left her for the Andamans. Then he did not return. Indra Devi went to an Ojha named Sukumar Das on the advice of some neighbors to find him. Allegedly, Sukumar assured the housewife that she would bring back Indra’s husband. From then on, he used to call Indra Devi home sometimes. It is alleged that Sukumar and his friends gang-raped the housewife for almost a year.

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After that, Indradevi was threatened to expose the saint’s achievements. Allegedly, Sukumar Das and his followers threatened to destroy not only Indra Devi but also her husband. Finally, unable to bear the pressure, he committed suicide by writing down the details of the incident on paper. Local residents are demanding exemplary punishment for the accused in the incident. However, several accused are still absconding.

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