North 24 Parganas News: Even after the minister’s assurance, their tears are not drying, everything has to be started again from zero.

#North 24 Parganas: MLA of Habra and state minister Jyotipriya Mallik raised tone against the railways after visiting the Habra fire incident. The railway authorities are far from looking for them, they did not even come to the spot and complained that the railway authorities are behaving in a careless manner. The MLA and minister of the area Jyotipriya Mallik said that even if people are not on happy days, they can call me on sad days. I am the MLA of all those who voted for me or did not vote for me. We do not discriminate in development, government projects and humanitarian assistance. Ever since the fire incident at Rail Colony, I’ve just been tossing and turning all night. I have been monitoring with municipal, police and fire officials without sleeping. So I ran early in the morning.

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On this day, the MLA visited the scene of the fire in the railway slum area, spoke to the proletariat slum dwellers, visited their area and assured them to support them in every way. Important documents which have been burnt have been assured to be returned to them immediately by the administration. The minister also assured to return the house on this day. He also said that helpless families have been sheltered in local schools for the time being and arrangements have been made to provide food there.

On this day, after visiting the site of the incident, he went to the Habra municipality and held an important meeting with the administrative officers as well as the municipal representatives on the issue of standing by the victims. Some local organizations have already handed over clothes, winter clothes and food to the families who lost everything in the fire. However, families have to start from scratch again, just like the neighbors. They also extended a helping hand from the side.Rudra Narayan Roy

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