North 24 Parganas News: ‘Abdar’ settlement of loved ones has extreme consequences! Naked pictures of minors went viral ‘Premik’!

#North 24 Parganas: A lover trusts a loved one in extreme danger. Believing that the lover sends her nude photos to the people she loves through social media. Due to the scandal, a young man was accused of making the nude picture of the minor go viral on social media.

According to police sources, a 16-year-old girl, a resident of Hulopara, Village Panchayat No. 2, Najat Police Station, Basirhat, had a romantic relationship with Rakibul Kayal, a 20-year-old resident of Bhavanipur, Hasnabad Police Station, and a mechanic by profession, Rakibul Kayal. Then their dalliance continued with multiple phone and video calls. As the relationship developed between the two, the young man repeatedly asked the minor to send pornographic and nude pictures. He even demanded to see the minor naked through video calls.

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Minority fulfills those ‘Avdar’ of loved ones. However, a few days ago, their relationship began to strain. After that, the relationship between the two started to deteriorate. In order to take revenge, Rakibul allegedly spread vulgar and nude pictures of the minor on multiple social media. After learning about the matter, the minor told the whole matter to the family.

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After knowing everything, the minor’s father filed a written complaint against Rakibul Kayal at Najat police station. Based on the complaint, the police of Najat police station arrested the accused youth from the house of Bhavanipur. The minor lover demanded the punishment of the accused youth.

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