North 24 Parganas News: 45-year-old Yuthika brightened the face of Bengal by winning gold, this story will make you happy!

#North 24 Parganas: Fight Yuthika Fight, 45-year-old Yuthika Roy of New Barrackpore brightened the face of Bengal today by winning two golds and a bronze at the national level by fighting with her life. 10 years of hard struggle from 2012 to Yuthika. Finally got success. But he doesn’t want to stop yet.

Yuthika lost her husband in 2020. One boy and one girl. Daughter is married. Currently, he has a family with one son. Although there is a house, there is no roof over the head, the Amphan storm destroyed the house. The plastic provided by the municipality is still available. When it rains, you have to wrap everything and sit. There is no electricity connection in the house. Yuthika lives by clinging to her dream with the little allowance she gets from the government. Although a tea shop was opened on the side of the road to feed the stomach, it was also closed due to various problems.

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However, it would take a whole day to count the medals he has won so far as an athlete. Yuthika herself does not know how many medals she has won. But this is the first time that a gold medal has been won. In the 2nd National Veterans Sports and Games Championship organized in Nashik, this girl Yuthika Roy won gold medal in 3000 km and 5000 km walking competition and bronze in 10000 km race. Panta furo to bring salt to a world of scarcity, yet Yuthika’s uphill struggle to make herself athletic brings tears to the eyes.

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Even though the tears of Yuthika have dried up today. Even with so many medals, so much honor, today it is becoming a responsibility of this athlete to run his stomach. Still, he refuses to give up fighting poverty. Desire to present itself at the international level. But, even if the opportunity came from a big place, Yuthika did not take the step due to lack of money. Yuthika said that the mayor of the local Nab Barakpur municipality was somewhat supportive. But a job is needed. Some accommodation is required. Although winning gold and bronze has brightened the face of Bengal, Yuthika Roy’s fight is not over yet. And that fight is with poverty. Female athletic athlete hoping for a good day.

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