No warning given before downing of Russian plane: Pilot warning given: Turkey Audio continues Russian

No warning given before shooting down Russian plane: Pilot, warning the…

Moscow (Monitoring Desk) In Moscow, the capital of Russia, hundreds of young people protested outside the Turkish embassy and shouted slogans against Turkey’s targeting of the Russian plane. According to media reports, hundreds of Russian youth gathered in front of the Turkish embassy and tried to attack the embassy, ​​but the police stopped them. The foreign ministry has said that the incident of shooting down the Russian plane seems to be a planned attack, Turkey has failed to remove the concerns of Russia, but the Turkish Foreign Minister has rejected this concern. On the other hand. The Turkish Foreign Minister called his Russian counterpart and expressed regret over the death of the pilot, while Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that when the plane was attacked, it was not known that it was a Russian plane. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the destruction of the Russian plane by Turkey has made the political solution of the situation in Syria more complicated. Merkel said that now every effort should be made to prevent the situation from becoming more tense.

During the speech in the lower house of the German parliament, Merkel said that every country has the right to defend its borders, but at the same time it is clear what is the situation in Syria and the surrounding area. According to the sources. After Turkey shot down a Russian plane, a cold war broke out between the two countries, Russia suspended military ties with Turkey and announced the installation of a missile system on the Syrian border. Russia has reacted strongly to the downing of a Russian fighter plane on the border. The Russian government will deploy a guided missile carrier in the sea near the Syrian coastal area of ​​Latakia. Each target should be targeted by Moscow guided missiles. Ga, which will be considered a threat to Russian interests, the Russian military has also decided to suspend all military ties and cooperation with Turkey.

On the other hand, the Turkish authorities are of the position that the unknown aircraft remained in the Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, the pilot was warned 10 times during 5 minutes, and was targeted for continuously ignoring the warnings. Haq also released the flight map of the incident. Russian officials claim that the plane was in Syrian airspace and Turkey did not attempt any communication before the incident, while the Russian Prime Minister says that the joint plans of Turkey and Russia have ended. can be done, the Russian market can also be taken out of the hands of Turkish companies. After the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey near the Syrian border, the tension between the two countries continues, the Russian Prime Minister terminated the joint projects of Turkey and Russia The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says that the joint projects of Turkey and Russia can be terminated and the Russian market can be taken out of the hands of Turkish companies. Last day, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border. was killed, after which there has been tension in the relations between the two countries.

The surviving Russian pilot in the Russian plane that was attacked by Turkey has claimed that the Turkish authorities did not issue any warning before shooting down the Russian plane. was within the limits and we did not violate any kind of border. According to the Russian authorities, Captain Constantin Murakhtan has been rescued by the special forces after a 12-hour operation and brought to the Russian air base in Syria. Turkish military authorities have released an audio tape of the warning given to the Russian plane before the attack. An aviator monitoring the Turkish border can be heard warning the Russian plane before it was shot down. In the clip, the Turkish pilot warns the pilot of the Russian fighter jet in English that you are entering Turkish airspace, so change your course immediately. A pilot from the Netherlands also said that he also heard the Turkish Air Force’s warning to the pilot of the Russian plane that violated the Turkish airspace. The Dutch pilot did not say what the Russian pilot said in response to the warnings. Speaking to local media, the unidentified Dutch pilot said that very low-flying Turkish F-16 fighter jets instructed him to leave the route. He said that immediately after the flight, he heard the warning call of the Turkish Air Force on the emergency frequency, in which the Russian plane was constantly being warned about entering the Turkish airspace. The Russian pilot did not respond to this warning. . After passing Turk F-16 I was back on my scheduled route. He said that the Turkish fighter jets did not cross the Syrian border. He continued by saying that I did not see the Russian plane on my radar, but I believe it was shot down in Turkish airspace. The pilot also stressed that there was no interruption in Turkish communications.

On the other hand, the Russian pilot who survived the attack claimed that he had not entered the Turkish border and had not received any kind of warning.

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