Nikki Haley Raises $4 Million After Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Comments: ‘We Had a Little Fun’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has made headlines by raising an impressive $4 million after former President Trump’s controversial remarks. Let’s dive into the details and understand the significant events that led to this substantial fundraising success.

Nikki Haley's Remarkable Fundraising

During an event in Maudlin, South Carolina, Nikki Haley expressed her satisfaction with the New Hampshire primaries, where she achieved notable success by gaining nine delegates compared to Trump’s 12. This success led to an increase in fundraising, with Haley proudly announcing that they raised $1 million online right after Trump‘s comments. It’s evident that the controversy surrounding Trump’s statements was a catalyst for encouraging contributions, as an additional $3 million was raised due to further comments made by the former president.

Responding to Trump's Remarks

Haley did not shy away from addressing Trump’s comments. She highlighted the aftermath of Trump’s statements, expressing how they turned the situation into a light-hearted opportunity to raise funds. Trump’s statement threatening to bar supporters of Nikki Haley from MAGA prompted a creative response from Haley’s camp as they started selling T-shirts that said ‘Barred Permanently. This clever response resulted in the sale of 10,000 T-shirts, generating an additional $1.6 million in funds.

Empowering Campaign Against Bullying

In response to Trump’s alleged attempts to push her out of the race using the Republican National Committee, Haley emphasized that bullying tactics would not deter her campaign. This defiance against intimidation was met with another substantial fundraising boost, with an impressive $1.4 million raised after Trump’s actions. It’s clear that Haley’s strategic approach to addressing Trump’s behavior has resonated with supporters, resulting in overwhelming financial support for her presidential bid.
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Questioning Trump's Credibility

Strategically, Nikki Haley has been questioning Trump’s credibility, particularly focusing on his mental state. By highlighting instances where Trump appeared confused, Haley has attempted to cast doubt on his suitability for office. This deliberate approach showcases Haley’s determination to challenge Trump’s reputation and showcase a clear contrast in leadership and conduct.


Nikki Haley’s ability to harness controversial remarks and turn them into opportunities for fundraising demonstrates her resilience and strategic mindset. By leveraging Trump’s comments and using them to empower her campaign, Haley has showcased an impressive ability to navigate challenging situations and turn them to her advantage. The substantial funding raised as a result of these events exemplifies the support and confidence in Nikki Haley’s presidential aspirations among her followers.


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