New Parliament Building: From Tripura to Gujarat, the New Parliament Building is decorated with materials from various states

New Delhi: The carpet is from Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. The material for the bamboo flooring comes from Tripura. And the work of stone carving has been done in Rajasthan. According to central government sources, Narendra Modi’s administration kept an eye on India’s diverse culture even while decorating the new parliament building. 

What else? The teak wood used comes from Nagpur in Maharashtra. Again red and white sandstone is brought from Saramthura in Rajasthan. Historians believe that the sandstone used in Red Fort and Humayun’s tomb is also from Saramthura in Rajasthan. In the words of a government official, ‘Simply put, the whole country has been brought together to build a temple of democracy through which the idea of ​​’United India, Shrestha Bharat’ emerges.’ The steel parts of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha chambers are made in Daman and Diu areas. And the furniture is made in Mumbai. Various materials have arrived there from Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat. 

About the inauguration…
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this new parliament building on May 28, Sunday. The new parliament building is about 3 times bigger than the old parliament building. Which is built on an area of ​​64 thousand 500 square meters. The old parliament building was circular. And the new building is triangular. There were 543 seats in the Lok Sabha in the old building. 888 people can sit together in Lok Sabha in the new building. Rajya Sabha had 250 seats in the old parliament building. And the number of Rajya Sabha seats in the new building is increasing to 384. The new Lok Sabha chamber has been designed in the pattern of the national bird peacock. And the design of the Rajya Sabha room is like the national flower lotus. The central government released a 1 minute 47 second video of the new parliament building on Friday. The top shot of the video shows the new parliament building spread over 65,000 square meters. The new Parliament building is on the other side of the heritage building, which was designed by British architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker in 1927. The old parliament building will be converted into a museum. According to the Centre, there was excessive pressure on it due to various reasons. From there the idea of ​​the new parliament building. A special coin of Rs 75 is being introduced to commemorate the inauguration-moment. Besides, this coin is being brought on the occasion of 75 years of India’s independence. The announcement of the Ministry of Finance. However, 20 opposition political parties have decided to boycott this inauguration ceremony. President Opposition camp unites against keeping Draupadi Murmu as a bratya.

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