New bars changed the ethyl landscape of SP in 2022 – 12/23/2022 – Bars and night

There’s always room for another bar in town🇧🇷 This year, several of them opened their doors in São Paulo, at a time when people started to leave their homes more after the pandemic subsided.

New trends took hold. It was the case of classic carioca bars popping up in the streets of São Paulosuch as Rainha, Belmonte and Braca.

Trinca, in turn, brought vermouth to the ethylic scene in São Paulo. The bar specializes in the drink that puts the wine in the cocktail shop. You cocktail barsinclusive, settled in the city🇧🇷 They are places dedicated to preparing good drinks.

O Carrasco is another small and elegant venue that has opened its doors, tucked away in the award-winning Guilhotina. He joins the list of another fad that exploded this year: the secret bars🇧🇷 They are counters that are usually hidden in the back of houses and may even require a password to enter.

Public-facing bars LGBTQIA+ were another novelty. flag flag, for example, it’s on the street Souza Lima, which concentrates much of the buzz that Barra Funda has seen it grow recently, and is played only by women, with a drinks menu that brings jokes from the lesbian universe. Another address that intends to attract the gay public, this time to Bom Retiro, is the carmen.

There were also pubs with inspiration from every corner of Brazil, such as Tantin, and open-air and relaxed environments, such as Terr3no. Discover ten of the main open bars in São Paulo in 2022 below.

Flag Flag
Inaugurated in June, the bar emerged from a match on a dating app that became friendship. It’s in a building from 1917 and can accommodate around 30 people with tables and chairs, but the sidewalk is still crowded. The menu includes preserves such as shimeji with seaweed and dedo de mulher in chayote, served for R$15 in slices of bread.

R. Souza Lima, 81, Barra Funda, west region, @bandeirabandeirabar

Boteco Belmonte
Even though it opened in January, Belmonte has existed in Rio de Janeiro since 1952. The São Paulo branch is divided into two floors, one of which is open-air. The garotinho chope —served in a smaller 220 ml glass— is the most ordered and costs R$6.50. The complete feijoada, in turn, costs R$ 200 and serves four people.

R. Girassol, 384, Vila Madalena, west region, tel. (11) 94451-7195, @bar_belmonte

Boteco Rainha
The bar arrived in São Paulo in May this year, led by chef Pedro Aragão. Chope garotinho costs R$6.50, and one of the classics on the Rio de Janeiro menu, octopus with vinaigrette, costs R$116.

R. Pedroso Alvarenga 1173, Itaim Bibi, west region, @pub_queen

The bar is inspired by Bracarense, a Rio de Janeiro bar created in 1961. The decor has references to soccer teams and the counter is surrounded by high chairs. Garotinho there is sold at R$7.90, while caipirinhas, with options of vodka, gin or cachaça, range from R$30 to R$45.

R. Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 908, Itaim Bibi, west region, tel. (11) 99656-1772, @bracabar

The bar came up with the proposal to make Bom Retiro, a neighborhood marked by commerce and Jewish and Korean immigration, more modern. The food menu is short and features items such as sea vinaigrette for R$35 and sardine marinade for R$25. As for drinks, the menu highlights drinks priced between R$28 and R$38.

R. Silva Pinto, 429, Bom Retiro, central region, @bar.carmem

Oh bar, hidden inside the prized Guillotinehas a drinks letter signed by Spencer Amereno Jr. In all, there are 21 recipes, including classics and copyrights, with a unique value of R$ 47. All are prepared by bartender Cris Negreiros.

R. Costa Carvalho, 84, Pinheiros, west region, Instagram @ocarrascobar

Sommelier Fabiano Aurélio decided to preserve some of the characteristics of the place, which used to be what he called “pé-sujo”, when he began the renovation that gave rise to his wine bar🇧🇷 The objective was to maintain informality to compose an environment where he could put into practice his plan to popularize wine. The bar does not offer meals, only starters to go with the glasses, which cost from R$16 to R$19.

R. Bela Cintra, 806, Consolação, central region, @losperros. boteco

The tent
The bar gained popularity in Pinheiros and has been established as the “corner bar”. The place brings together a bit of every corner of Brazil, whether in the drinks menu, created by Vina Apolinário, or in the menu. Among the drinks, there are 12 original drinks and four caipirinhas, such as tangerine with pennyroyal, cashew, lemon and basil. The place serves pumpkin and gourd cheese dumplings (R$24), jaguar meat (R$35), as well as an executive lunch for R$39.

R. dos Pinheiros, 987, west region, tel. (11) 96333-5414, @tantinbar

Inaugurated in Barra Funda, the bar has a spacious and unpretentious space, in what appears to be an old parking lot. It has a pool table and table tennis, DJs and portions and snacks to share. The house’s flagship is the mad meat served on French bread with homemade mayonnaise, which costs R$18. The menu also features vegan options.

R. Brigadeiro Galvão, Barra Funda, west region. Instagram @terr3no

It specializes in vermouth, the result of a combination of wine fortified with alcohol and flavored with spices. It serves as a base for many cocktails, but can be served neat. Each recipe is sold for R$ 25.90 and can be tasted neat, with sparkling water or tonic.

R. Costa Carvalho, 96, Pinheiros, west region, @trincabar

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