Netanyahu stands firm: No deal with Hamas to end war and release captives

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly rejected a proposal by Hamas to end the ongoing war and release captives in exchange for withdrawing Israeli forces, releasing prisoners, and accepting the armed group’s governance of Gaza. Netanyahu emphasized that acceding to Hamas’s conditions would leave the group “intact,” leading to the belief that Israel’s soldiers had “fallen in vain.”

Staying Firm Against Surrender

Netanyahu voiced his resolute stance by stating, “I reject outright the terms of surrender of the monsters of Hamas,” on Sunday. He emphasized that accepting such terms would jeopardize the safety of Israeli citizens and hinder the safe return of evacuees. Netanyahu’s steadfast opposition to an independent Palestinian state was also reiterated, with him emphasizing the need for “full Israeli security control over the entire area in the west of Jordan.”

Pressure and Protests

The Israeli leader faces mounting pressure from various quarters, as families of the captives advocate for a deal to ensure the return of their loved ones. Additionally, members of his far-right ruling coalition are pushing for an escalation of the conflict. Moreover, strained relations with the administration of United States President Joe Biden further compound Netanyahu’s challenges. The Hostages and Missing Families Forum commenced a protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, vowing to continue until he agrees to a resolution for the captives’ release. The group urged Netanyahu to demonstrate leadership and transparently convey his position to the Israeli public. The families of the captives feel neglected, with sentiments of being unheard by the government.
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Ongoing Conflict and Negotiations

Hamas previously released over 100 captives in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners during a brief truce facilitated by Egypt, Qatar, and the US. Despite this, Hamas continues to hold 136 people captive, as confirmed by Israeli officials. The conflict has led to substantial casualties, with at least 25,105 Palestinians killed in Gaza following Israel’s declaration of intent to eliminate Hamas. Hamas recently issued a report acknowledging the attack on southern Israel as a “necessary step and a normal response,” while also admitting faults in its execution. The situation remains complex, with both sides grappling with the intricacies of the conflict and the potential repercussions of concessions and compromises.


The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, along with the deadlock in negotiations for the release of captives, underscores the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. Netanyahu’s unwavering stance against surrender and firm position on Israeli security control over the region reflect the profound challenges at hand. The families of the captives express their distress and demand a resolution, emphasizing the human cost of the conflict. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the parties involved will navigate the path towards a peaceful resolution.


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