NCP’s Chhagan Bhujbal and OBC leaders to lead protest rallies against Maratha Quota in Maharashtra Yatra

The Maratha Quota Row in Maharashtra has sparked protests and agitation led by the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Ajit Pawar faction leader Chhagan Bhujbal and OBC leaders. This comes in response to the acceptance of Maratha Quota demands by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, stirring the opposition.

A Call to Protest and Agitation

Chhagan Bhujbal, a prominent leader in the NCP, has declared protests and agitation outside the residences of MLAs, MPs, and tehsildars on 1 February, with plans for a Maharashtra yatra on 3 February. The objective is to oppose the inclusion of Marathas in the OBC category. OBCs are urging scheduled castes and scheduled tribes to join them in their dissent against this move.

Resolution to Cancel the Draft

During a meeting held at his official residence, Chhagan Bhujbal, along with OBC legislators, leaders, and others, passed a resolution to cancel the draft published by the chief minister on 26 January, which had accepted the demands put forth by Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange. The main grievance is that the state government is resorting to illegal measures to offer reservation benefits to the Maratha community.

Concerns and Opposition

The announcement of protests and agitation follows the recent acceptance of demands put forth by Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange, prompting Chhagan Bhujbal to voice his strong opposition. This move is seen as an attempt to deceive the OBCs in the state, with the induction of Marathas into OBCs potentially displacing existing backward classes and depriving them of reservation benefits. Bhujbal, along with BJP MLCs Ram Shinde and Gopichand Padalkar, firmly opposes this decision and has garnered support for their demands and resolutions.
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Informal Tone and Engaging the Reader

As we delve into the protests and the debate surrounding the Maratha Quota and its implications on the OBC community in Maharashtra, it is evident that the issue has sparked a significant uproar among political leaders and citizens alike. The concerns raised by Chhagan Bhujbal and OBC leaders shed light on the complexity of the situation and the potential impact of these decisions on different communities.

Implications of the Maratha Quota

The measures taken by the Maharashtra government to address the Maratha quota demand have raised important questions about fairness and equal representation. The decision to include Marathas in the OBC category has sparked resistance from OBC leaders and legislators, highlighting the divide and the potential consequences of this move.

A Uniting Rally

Chhagan Bhujbal has expressed the intention to hold an Elgar rally from Marathwada to unite OBCs against the decisions that threaten to alter the dynamics of reservation benefits in the state. This rally serves as a platform to bring together different communities to stand against what they perceive as an unfair advantage given to the Maratha community.

Evolving Political Dynamics

The conflicting perspectives and staunch opposition against the government’s decision showcase the intricate political landscape in Maharashtra. The involvement of prominent leaders from different political factions underscores the urgency and significance of the issue at hand. The dissent and the call for protests signify a crucial moment in the state’s political discourse and the implications for its diverse communities.


In conclusion, the protests and agitation led by NCP’s Chhagan Bhujbal and OBC leaders against the inclusion of Marathas in the OBC category highlight the complexity and the significance of the Maratha Quota Row in Maharashtra. This development has not only ignited political tensions but has also brought to the forefront the concerns of different communities and the need for equitable representation and governance. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains imperative to closely monitor the evolving dynamics and their impact on the socio-political fabric of Maharashtra.


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