National Recall Issued for Neptune’s Fix Products: Serious Health Risks Detected

Neptune’s Fix products are being recalled nationwide due to the presence of tianeptine, a substance linked to addiction and lethal overdoses. This recall affects all products under the Neptune’s Fix brand, including Elixir, Extra Strength Elixir, and Tablets. The recall was initiated by Neptune Resources and is supported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to the serious health risks posed by these products.

The Dangers of Tianeptine

Tianeptine, also known as “gas station heroin,” has not been approved by the FDA for medical use. The substance poses a significant risk, particularly for children, adolescents, and young adults aged 25 and younger, with the potential for life-threatening events, including suicidal ideation or behavior. Additionally, unintentional overdoses and the presence of mind-altering substances, such as synthetic cannabinoids, have been reported in Neptune’s Fix products.

Rising Concerns and FDA Warnings

The FDA has issued multiple warnings to the public regarding the Neptune brand, emphasizing the adverse reactions associated with tianeptine-containing products. Neptune Resources has urged the FDA to address the influx of counterfeit products containing additional harmful substances, attributing the increased incidents of seizures and hospitalizations to these counterfeit items.

Product Identification and Recall Instructions

Neptune’s Fix products were distributed in amber glass vials with “shrink sleeve” labels covering the entire product, distinguishing them from other bottles in the market. Consumers are advised to discontinue the use of the recalled products and either dispose of them or return them to the place of purchase. Neptune Resources can be contacted for further inquiries regarding the recall.
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Escalating Tianeptine Poisoning Cases

The prevalence of tianeptine-related poisoning cases has seen a significant increase, with over 150 cases reported in 2020 alone. The harmful effects of tianeptine ingestion include a range of symptoms such as agitation, drowsiness, rapid heartbeat, and even death. The misuse of products containing tianeptine, particularly by adults seeking to experience its psychoactive effects, has contributed to the surge in poisoning cases.

State Interventions and Legislative Action

Several states and lawmakers have taken proactive measures to address the growing concerns surrounding tianeptine products. Efforts to ban these products and regulate their distribution have been initiated to combat the illegal marketing and unapproved usage of tianeptine as a drug.


The national recall of Neptune’s Fix products serves as a critical intervention to address the serious health risks associated with tianeptine and its presence in dietary supplements. Consumers are strongly advised to adhere to the recall directives and prioritize their well-being by discontinuing the use of these products. The collaborative efforts of regulatory bodies, health organizations, and legislative authorities are essential in mitigating the adverse impact of tianeptine on public health and safety.


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