National Action Plan is our thinking about new Pakistan, now Pakistan will go as the people want: Prime Minister

National Action Plan is our thought about new Pakistan, now Pakistan will go like this…

National Action Plan is our thinking about new Pakistan, now Pakistan will go as the people want: Prime Minister

Sialkot (Monitoring Desk) Neither dictators nor any other government did anything for Pakistan. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that no pardon will be given to those who cut throats in the name of religion. The parties will not be forgiven in any case. He expressed these views on the occasion of his visit to Sialkot. During the visit, he inaugurated the facility center, he was briefed on the airport expansion project. Speaking at an event in Sialkot. He said that he had a special attachment to the people of Sialkot and felt happy to come here. Sialkot earns two billion rupees annually. Talking about the electricity crisis, the Prime Minister said that no one has done anything about the electricity problem for the past 15 years, terrorism, electricity crisis, there are obstacles in many places which are not easy to cross. He said that water, coal and We will generate electricity from LNG, we wish everyone to get cheap electricity and bring thousands of megawatts of electricity to the system by 2018. Cheap electricity will be available. Regarding Kisan package, he said that farmers are of central importance in the national treasury, that’s why Kisan package was presented for them, a shortage of 500 rupees per sack of urea fertilizer is not an uncommon thing. said that he asked a servant in Lodhran whether Babaji would do anything with the aid money of the Kisan Package, and Babaji said that it has been done. The people standing on the container were in the process of increasing their rating, but it did not increase. They wanted 341 billion not to reach the farmers. Talking about terrorism, the Prime Minister said that the scourge of terrorism is spreading throughout the country. had spread. We went after the terrorists in the name of Allah. We faced terrorism eye to eye and Alhamdulillah, it has now reduced significantly. No pardon will be given to those who cut. I will not sit with China until the end of terrorism. Talk about the situation in Karachi. Weeping, he said that the Karachi operation was done to restore the lost lights of Karachi, which was supported by everyone, including journalists, businessmen and politicians, and today the conditions of Karachi are much better than before. The lights of Karachi have started to be restored. Now we are building the Lahore-Karachi Motorway. While talking about foreign affairs, the Prime Minister said that he wants to have good relations with the neighbors, but it should be their desire too. They want to help Afghanistan in all possible ways. They also want good relations with other countries. Is it? The Prime Minister said that now no one should think that what they want will happen, but now Pakistan will run as the people want. The National Action Plan is our thinking about the new Pakistan. My mission is not to serve politics. The economic performance is recognized. Everyone has seen the result of the local bodies election. Your work has been cleared. The current government is not corrupt, it is working with integrity. The problems are fast and the speed of development must also be increased. Yes. The Prime Minister further said that there was also an objection to my going to Lodhran.

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