Nabil went to Morocco and when he returned to Ceuta he found his eight-year-old brother missing and dead.

the neighborhood of Hill Colmenar, in Ceutahas woken up this Monday dismayed by the discovery of Mohamed’s bodythe child of eight years who disappeared this Sunday night. The boy’s body had several wounds and everything indicates that his death was not accidental. The autopsy will reveal the causes of death in the coming days.

Mohamed went out on Sunday afternoon to play a soccer game with his friends and never came home. At nightfall, his family was alerted because the boy was not coming home. At that moment, Nabilhis older brother, was returning from Morocco to the autonomous city.

“I was in Morocco and when I came I found my mother looking for him,” Nabil told the Atlas agency. “We were looking for him all night and around 12 my father went to report [la desaparición]”.

They find in Ceuta the body of an eight-year-old boy who had disappeared on Sunday

The discovery occurred around 8 in the morning on Monday, in a mountain area very close to the place where the child lived, near the University Hospital of the city, in the surroundings of the neighborhood of Loma Colmenar. The body was very close to a slope located next to a sports center.

“He was a boy full of life the one you always saw playing around, around his house or with friends in the blocks above”, two young people from the neighborhood have declared to The Ceuta Lighthouse. “Today is a very sad day because in this neighborhood sometimes there are problems, but something like this had never happened before,” they lamented.

Mohamed was the youngest of four siblings and a student at the Severo Ochoa school. “We schooled him in the school severo ochoa because, although we had other centers closer, we thought that he could have better options there and we did not mind taking him and bringing him daily despite the fact that it is a little further away”, Mohamed’s father has indicated to the aforementioned local newspaper.

“We searched all night with the help of the Police in the countryside, in the neighborhood, asking questions, at school… He often went out to play with other little children and always came home, but yesterday…Nabil added.

Now the family lives pending the autopsy of the child, which will reveal whether Mohamed’s death was violent. the researchers do not rule out any hypothesesbut the shadow of a possible murder now hangs over this neighborhood of Ceuta.

For the moment, the Government Delegation in Ceuta, it has issued a statement in which it has stated that in “these difficult times, all that remains is to ask for calm and all the citizen collaboration that can be provided”.

The government entity has expressed its support for his family, friends and colleagues and has warned that the Security Forces and Bodies and justice are “working” to clarify “as soon as possible the causes of this death, a tragedy.”

The president of the Autonomous City, Juan Jesus Vivas (PP), has joined the expressions of condolences “on behalf of all Ceuta” for the death of the minor. “The loss of a life is always an unfortunate event, but if it is a minor, it is already an insurmountable tragedy,” lamented Vivas, who has conveyed his condolences to the family of the deceased and has made a service of psychological assistance. The head of the Government of Ceuta has also requested caution so that the Police do their job in order to clarify the causes of death.

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