Mystery Solved: Thief of Town’s Golden Weathervane Identified 20 Years Later

**The Mysterious Return of the Stolen Golden Weathervane: Solved After 20 Years**

Have you ever heard a tale so intriguing that it seems like something out of a mystery novel? Well, the story of the stolen golden weathervane from a French village definitely fits the bill. Nearly 25 years after it went missing, the golden ornamental cockerel has been returned, finally solving the mystery that has intrigued the residents of the village for two decades.

**A Puzzling Disappearance**

The iron-wrought painted cockerel, which adorned the top of an outdoor Catholic cross in Bessan, a village in southwestern France, was stolen in April 1999, leaving the locals bewildered and curious about its whereabouts. The mystery persisted for years as the community wondered what had happened to this cherished symbol.

**The Unexpected Return**

Just when everyone had almost given up hope of ever finding the weathervane, it made a surprising reappearance. The metal bird was sent in a parcel to a historian, Michel Sabatery, who had actively kept the mystery in the public eye by writing about it in newspapers and on social media. The unexpected return of the long-lost cockerel rekindled interest in the decades-old disappearance.

**Unveiling the Truth**

Upon receiving the statue in November, Sabatery promptly informed the mayor’s office, which then alerted the prosecutor of Beziers, Raphael Balland. With the assistance of the police, the identity of the thief was swiftly uncovered, leading to a revelatory revelation. Astonishingly, the thief had unwittingly left a trail by using his own credit card to pay for the postage of the parcel containing the weathervane. It was a glaring oversight that ultimately led to the unravelling of the mystery.

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**Confronting the Culprit**

The thief, now in his late 40s, was confronted by the police and obliged to confess. He admitted to taking the cockerel on a drunken night and, in a haze of inebriation, had chosen to keep the stolen item hidden in his basement out of shame once he had sobered up. The passage of time seemed to have brought about a change of heart, prompting the man to come forward and return the long-lost weathervane, putting an end to the enduring enigma.

**The Return to Heritage**

The golden weathervane, a cherished emblem of the village, will soon be reinstated atop the iron mission cross in a ceremonial setting. This time, however, it will be securely affixed to ensure that it cannot be taken away again. Despite the unusual turn of events, the mayor of Bessan, Stephane Pepin-Bonet, has expressed a willingness to forgive the thief, attributing the act to “possibly a youthful indiscretion.” Nevertheless, he emphasized the significance of preserving village heritage, emphasizing that such ornaments hold sentimental value for the community.

**Final Thoughts**

The identity of the penitent thief remains undisclosed, and due to the statute of limitations for petty theft in France, the individual is immune from prosecution. The long-awaited return of the golden weathervane has brought closure to a longstanding mystery, and the village can finally put this curious chapter to rest. The tale of the stolen weathervane, with its unexpected resolution, serves as a poignant reminder of the value of heritage and the enduring impact of a decades-old disappearance that has at last been resolved.

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