Musk’s Warning Sends Tesla Stock Tumbling: Electric Vehicle Maker Anticipates 2024 Slowdown

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company, Tesla, saw a significant plunge in its stock value, with a 13% drop following a disappointing earnings report and a warning of a potential slowdown in 2024. As of the mid-afternoon, the stock was on track for its worst day since September 2020, when it experienced a 21% plummet. The renowned electric car manufacturer’s fourth-quarter revenue and earnings failed to meet market expectations, signifying a mere 1% year-on-year rise in automotive revenue. Despite the present challenges, Tesla remains optimistic about its future, especially with the imminent launch of its “next-generation vehicle” in Texas, although it cautioned investors about being “between two major growth waves.”

Investor Concerns and Short Sellers' Gains

The unsettling outlook has prompted concerns among investors, leading to a lucrative day for short sellers who have capitalized on Tesla’s recent downturn. Reports from the financial analytics firm Ortex Media indicate that short sellers have gained over $1.4 billion since the close of Wednesday’s trading. Notably, the stock’s value has declined by 27% in the current year, a stark contrast to its exceptional performance in 2023 when it more than doubled in value. Despite delivering 1.8 million cars in the previous year, Tesla has been compelled to reduce prices globally, particularly in Europe and China, in response to intensified competition from Chinese electric vehicle companies and traditional automakers. These price reductions have adversely impacted Tesla’s margin.

Market Responses and Analyst Predictions

Following the discouraging earnings report and outlook, several brokers have lowered their price target for Tesla. Barclay’s price target was slashed from $250 to $225, reinforcing downside risk, albeit not as severe as initially feared. Similarly, RBC analysts have decreased their price target from $300 to $297, while Canaccord Genuity adjusted its price target from $267 to $234. The market’s response to Tesla’s performance and projections underscores the challenges facing the company, accentuating the need for strategic initiatives to regain momentum and sustain long-term growth.
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Ongoing Challenges and Competition

Aside from internal factors affecting Tesla’s performance, external pressures, such as increased competition from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers like BYD and the pricing strategies of traditional automakers, have added to the company’s difficulties. The competitive landscape, characterized by evolving consumer preferences and industry dynamics, necessitates Tesla’s proactive measures to fortify its market position and address emerging challenges. Notably, as Tesla navigates through the current circumstances, its ability to adapt and innovate will play a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory beyond 2024.


Tesla’s recent stock decline and cautious 2024 outlook have reverberated across the market, triggering responses from investors, analysts, and industry players. As the company confronts a multifaceted set of challenges, the resilience and adaptability demonstrated in responding to these adversities will define Tesla’s future trajectory. Mitigating the impact of market fluctuations, fortifying its competitive standing, and sustaining a growth-oriented approach will be crucial for Tesla as it progresses through the anticipated slowdown and aims to recapture momentum in the evolving landscape of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility.


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