Murder of Chloé, 5, in Courbevoie: new sordid revelations about the case

New information concerning the murder of Chloé was revealed by 20 Minutes, this Tuesday, May 23. The perpetrator, his father, Mickaël Rouffiac, died and he could therefore not be heard by the courts.

It is a terrible drama which took place in the night from Thursday to Friday last. Chloe, a little girl aged only five, was found dead in the family apartment in Courbevoie. The perpetrator, his father, Mickaël Rouffiac, stabbed himself in the throat before jumping from the 2nd floor. An investigation for assassination was quickly opened by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office and details were provided by BFMTV, this Tuesday, May 23. Supported, Mickaël Rouffiac died of his injuries and he was therefore never heard by the investigators. According to initial information, Chloé was killed in the context of the conflict between her parents. “This man was trying by all means to destroy his ex. Killing his daughter is the worst he could do to reach her“, said the mother’s lawyer, Me Migueline Rosset. The newspaper also states that the latter was sentenced to “an awareness-raising course on domestic violence as part of a criminal compositionon March 16. Two weeks earlier, his ex-girlfriend had filed a complaint against him for “violence without disability“.

The family context in which Chloe lived was unbearable, as his mother’s lawyer points out. These are three complaints for violence and one for rape which were filed between the months of April and March by the ex-girlfriend of Mickaël Rouffiac. She was afraid for her life. For years, my client had been living in a climate of psychological violence, there were cameras in the apartment, she was geolocated, monitored“, specifies Migueline Rosset before adding: “And for a few months, the violence was also physical”. According to information from BFMTV, Mickaël Rouffiac had also appealed to the courts on numerous occasions. Indeed, he would have filed a complaint five times against his ex-companion for violence, blackmail, slanderous denunciation“. On May 10, the two parents met in court and the magistrates issued a protection order, prohibiting Mickaël Rouffiac from getting in touch with his ex-girlfriend.

Me Migueline Rosset: “He wanted to break his wife”

The investigation has yet to determine whether this murder was premeditated, but for Me Migueline Rosset, the lawyer for Chloé’s mother, the perpetrator had only one goal. “He was determined to break his wife“, she insists before adding: “He had gone so far as to call his employer to say that she was giving information to their competitors. It was wrong, of course. He wanted to destroy her, he used his daughter“. According to information from BFMTV, following the protection order, Mickaël Rouffiac had contacted his ex-companion to inform him that he was leaving the apartment. However, as soon as she arrived there, Chloe’s mother found herself facing him and her daughter’s body was lying in the bathroom.

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