Moto Edge 30 Ultra and Xiaomi 12T Pro with 200-megapixel camera

  • Motorola Moto Edge 30 Ultra
  • Xiaomi 12T Pro


The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is a powerful and sturdy, high-end, all-round smartphone with a surprisingly good camera. The main camera in particular shoots beautiful photos, whether the lighting conditions are good or not. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 allows the smartphone to perform all actions quickly and smoothly and the screen can be nice and bright and produces beautiful colors. The software is also good. The clean Android has few bells and whistles and the little bit of bloatware on this device is easy to remove. The desktop function is also a nice addition. Motorola has also finally extended the software support, so that you will be provided with updates for four years, so until 2026. The device may be marketed as a megapixel monster, but it is actually just a very good all-rounder.

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The Xiaomi 12T Pro is a versatile high-end smartphone that can keep up with the more expensive flagships. The smartphone is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which means that all apps and games work quickly and smoothly. The smartphone feels great in the hand and has a solid build quality. The device is marketed as a camera device thanks to the 200-megapixel camera, but the quality of the photos is a bit disappointing compared to that of the other 200-megapixel smartphone. Moreover, the other cameras of the device do not really shoot great pictures. Fortunately, the device performs very well in other areas and you can safely purchase it. Be aware of a large amount of bloatware.

The days when smartphone manufacturers tumbled over each other to play with memory specifications, number of processor cores and clock speeds seem to be over. These aspects are fairly similar nowadays and companies have to put forward something else in order to compete. That something appears to be the smartphone camera.

Motorola and Xiaomi are the first manufacturers to equip their smartphones with a 200-megapixel camera and they are very proud of it. Both manufacturers have launched a high-end device that is priced below the major flagships, but has a better camera on paper. The Edge 30 Ultra from Motorola is the manufacturer’s most powerful device and equipped with many features that you can expect from a flagship. Of course, a number of things have been cut back. For example, the devices do not have an IP68 rating and the screens do not have an LTPO backplane. The 12T Pro from Xiaomi is also the company’s most powerful device in many areas, but there are other smartphones in the 12 series that have some outliers here and there. , like the 12S Ultra, which only came out in China.

The suggested retail price of these smartphones is 799 euros for the Xiaomi and 899 for the Motorola. Prices have now dropped somewhat, which makes the Xiaomi a bit cheaper and perhaps a bit more attractive given the matching specifications.

A frequently heard comment is that the number of pixels in a camera does not guarantee the quality of the photos that are produced. That is why we put the two devices against two smartphones that have already proven themselves in the camera field and have a lot less megapixels on board; the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Will the Moto Edge 30 Ultra and the Xiaomi 12T Pro manage to keep up with or even surpass the established order? We have put the devices to the test and share the results with you.

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