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#Dhaka: Rizwan was one of the heroes in Pakistan’s World Cup campaign. Former Indian cricketers also praised his courage. Pakistan’s opener Mohammad Rizwan caught everyone’s attention with his excellent performance in the T20 World Cup. He was in the ICU for two days before the semi-final against Australia! Still, he played an eye-catching innings of 67 runs from 52 balls. However, Pakistan had to leave after losing the match.

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Pakistan has come to tour Bangladesh with that team. Only the experienced Hafiz has removed himself from this tour. Pakistan team entered Bangladesh on Saturday morning. Here they will play a three-match T20I and two-match Test series. A photo courtesy of photographers present at the airport caught everyone’s eye. Mohammed Rizwan team bus with teammates with a pillow in hand! They are staying in a five star hotel. All arrangements for a luxurious life are there. Why did Rizwan have to bring a pillow from Dubai?

Courtesy of that film, like Feluda’s ‘Box Mystery’, the search for Rizwan’s ‘Pillow Mystery’ begins. After that, it is known about Rizwan’s strange hobbies. How many things can people love. But it’s hard to believe that pillows can be on that favorite list! Rizwan’s love for this pillow is not new. Take your favorite pillow with you wherever you go. Rizwan took that pillow from his home to Dubai. Then came to Bangladesh from Dubai.

According to PCB, Rizwan sleeps very comfortably on this pillow. So this pillow is Rizwan’s companion everywhere – in the country or abroad. Rizwan said the pillow is actually medicated. The doctor gave it for the comfort of his neck. A wicket-keeper must wear a helmet at all times while keeping the ball. So is the time to bat. As a result, some muscles of the neck become stiff. Recovering is essential. He needs proper sleep.

Pakistan team practiced in Mirpur on Monday but Rizwan was rested. In a video message sent by PCB, the opener said, “We have seen in recent series at this ground, the conditions here speak in favor of the spinners.” The ball has a lot of spin and grip on modern wickets. I feel pretty good now. Will definitely go to practice tomorrow. Then I can get a clearer idea about the wicket.

Rizwan became the first cricketer in T20 history to cross the milestone of 1000 runs in a calendar year. Although he is satisfied with his personal record, Rizwan is also disappointed about not being able to take the team to the finals, ‘I am happy with the record. But if this record was useful for the country, I would have been happier. Mathew Hayden, Richard Pybus, Inzamam ul Haq and Shahid Aslam have helped us a lot in this World Cup journey. I thank them.

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