Mita Haque: Two Bengals are shocked by the death of musician Mita Haque, Jayati, Eamon and other artists express their grief.

#Dhaka: Bangladesh’s prominent Rabindra Sangeet singer Mita Haque passed away. He died at 6.20 am in a hospital in Dhaka on Sunday. He was 59 years old at the time of his death. It is said that the artist died due to illness due to corona infection. Although his corona report came negative four days ago.

Mita Haque was admitted to the hospital due to corona. According to family sources, he was suffering from kidney disease for the past five years. He was undergoing regular dialysis. As a result, the physical condition continues to deteriorate due to corona. So even after being negative for Corona, the last defense did not happen. He breathed his last this morning. Music lovers are aware of Rabindra Sangeet’s immense contribution to the world. He has sung more than 200 songs of Rabindranath. So when the news of his death came to light, the shadow of grief spread in the music world.

The late artist has numerous fans in both Bengals. Musician Eamon Chakraborty expressed his condolences to News 18 Bangla. Eamon says, “Mitadi was a very virtuous man. A lifelong devotee of Rabindranath’s music. I didn’t have much personal contact with him. But I am a devoted admirer of his music. He was suffering from kidney disease for many years. He fought a lot. Every time he fought that battle. Won. Gone too young. Losing such artistes is a loss to us. A loss to society and music lovers. May God bless him wherever he is.”

Singer Jayati Chakraborty also shared some experiences with Mita Haque to News 18 Bangla. Jayati says, “From the first day, I felt like such a big artist. But very close to the ground. To learn from him, to become a big artist, you have to mix with others. He came to see a show of mine at Gulshan Club. After the show, I bowed and said, you I didn’t think he would come. He said, God-given voice is yours. I will not come to hear another God’s song with that voice, what happens! He was a good artist as well as a good man. He was a very sincere person.”

Rabindra Sangeet artiste Kamalini Mukhopadhyay shared an album of Mita Haque on Facebook and wrote, “Mitadi. Mita Haque. How I used to listen to your songs! We never met. But still you were very familiar to me. Wish I could have told you this face to face.” Thank you so much for the music. I will listen to your music, as always.”

Bangladesh’s famous musician Rejoana Chowdhury expressed grief over the floods. He studied with Mita Haque in Santiniketan. The subject is also one – Rabindranath Tagore. Speaking to a media outlet, he said, “In 2017, he was given a lifetime honor at the Channel I Rabindra Utsav. I was also there. He was like a lifetime honoree. His untimely passing is really painful. May his soul rest in peace.”

Aditi Mohsin, another prominent Rabindra Sangeet artist of Bangladesh, also expressed deep grief over Mita Haque’s death. Sharing several pictures with the late artist, he wrote, “Mita Haque, Rabindra Sangeet artiste. I am very stunned since morning. Many memories are floating me in grief!! I don’t remember when I met Mita Apa. In childhood, school-college life. My introduction to his music. Personal introduction after returning from Santiniketan. I never saw any narrowness in him. He used to say good, bad, bad. Mita Apa did not only practice music, he practiced culture all his life!! Many famous artistes. , but there are very few people with great songs and very high human qualities at the same time. Mita Apa is one of them. Be well Mita Apa. Be happy – be happy. As you always have been. Goodbye!!”

Incidentally, Mita Haque was popular with the people of both Bengals. He has released a total of 24 albums. Out of these 14 are from India and 10 from Bangladesh.

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