Missile Strike in Red Sea: Houthi-controlled Yemen Fires on Merchant Vessel, Says Pentagon

In a recent incident in the Red Sea, a U.S. destroyer intercepted two ballistic missiles fired from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen. The missiles were aimed at a commercial vessel that had reported being struck by a missile. Following this, four boats attempted to attack a U.S. container vessel, prompting U.S. forces to respond by sinking three of the boats and neutralizing the threat. Despite these aggressive actions, there were no casualties or damage to U.S. personnel or equipment.

The Incident

The container ship Maersk Hangzhou, sailing under a Singaporean flag, reported being hit by a missile in the Southern Red Sea. While the U.S. destroyer, USS Gravely, was responding to assist the ship, it intercepted two anti-ship missiles fired from Yemen. There was a subsequent attempt by boats originating from Houthi-controlled areas to attack the Maersk Hangzhou, which led to a tense confrontation as the boats fired upon the ship. U.S. helicopters from the USS Eisenhower and Gravely were dispatched to respond to the distress call, ultimately sinking three of the attacking boats and thwarting the assailants.

Houthi Aggression

The Houthi militant group, which controls significant portions of Yemen, has been increasingly targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea, with the recent incident marking the 23rd such attack since November. This pattern of aggression has raised concerns about the safety of international shipping in the region.

International Response

The United States, in response to these attacks, has taken decisive action to protect commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Recently, the USS Carney, a guided missile destroyer, successfully intercepted 14 attack drones suspected to have been launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen. The White House has accused Tehran of deep involvement in these attacks by Houthi rebels, an accusation that Iran has vehemently denied.
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Impact on Trade and Shipping

The attacks in the Red Sea have had a significant impact on international trade and shipping operations. Energy giant BP has temporarily suspended all gas and oil shipments in the region, while Ikea has expressed concerns about potential shortages due to major shippers bypassing the Red Sea. These developments have the potential to disrupt the flow of goods along one of the shortest trade routes between Europe and Asia.


The recent missile strike in the Red Sea has drawn attention to the escalating tension in the region and the growing threat to commercial shipping. As the international community grapples with the implications of these attacks, it is imperative to prioritize the safety and security of maritime trade routes to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and maintain stability in the region. *This article is based on information provided by www.cbsnews.com.*


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