Metrô breaks contract with line 17-gold consortium – 05/22/2023 – Cotidiano

The Government of São Paulo will terminate the contract with the Monotrilho Ouro Consortium, responsible for the construction of the 17-gold line of the monorail in the capital of São Paulo, which are paralyzed. The decision will be published on Tuesday (23), according to Metrô.

The consortium will also be fined BRL 118 million, in addition to having its participation in new public contracts suspended for two years.

One of the possibilities for completing the project is the Via Mobility take over the completion of the work, as the company will be responsible for managing the line, when completed, according to the contract signed in 2018, which also includes the 5-lilac subway line.

In a note, the state government said that the civil works reached 80% completion. Now, the state government and the Metrô are working with the three scenarios allowed by the legislation for completion: hiring one of the remaining companies that were classified in the bidding process already carried out; agree that the pending works will be carried out by the future operator of line 17-ouro, in this case ViaMobilidade; or make a new bid.

Contacted by email and telephone, the companies Coesa and Kpe, responsible for the Monotrilho Ouro Consortium, did not respond until the publication of this report.

ViaMobilidade said on Monday night that at the request of the granting authority, it is studying the project to resume work on line 17-gold.

The company, headed by the CCR group, has also been responsible since January 2022 for managing the 8-diamond and 9-emerald lines of metropolitan trains. the concession is the subject of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of São Paulo because of a sequence of failures.

“For the decision-making, the state government and the Metrô evaluate both the legal aspects as well as the technical conditions necessary for the line to start operating by the first half of 2026”, said management Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), in a note released this Monday (22).

The 17-gold line should have been ready for the 2014 World Cup, according to the initial promise. With estimated cost of BRL 4.5 billion, the priority section is 7.7 km long and has eight stations between Congonhas airport and Morumbi station. There will be connections with lines 5-lilac, of the subway, and 9-emerald, of ViaMobilidade.

It is estimated that the line will meet the demand of 165,000 passengers per working day when it is inaugurated.

The construction of the 17-gold line was resumed in 2021, after the termination of stalled contracts and new hires, but came to a standstill again.

In March of last year, in one of his last interviews, before leaving the Palácio dos Bandeirantes for the frustrated attempt to run for President of the Republic, former governor João Doria stated that the work should be finished by the end of this year.

The decision, says this Monday’s note, does not affect the pace of train manufacturing and systems installation.

The Metro, says the government, will send technicians to China in August to monitor the tests of the systems and rolling stock of the BYD Skyrail São Paulo Consortium, responsible for this supply.

Company employees should have traveled in the first half of last year, but the delegation was barred because of the advance of Covid-19 in China at the time.

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