Messi and the Argentine champions arrive home and Buenos Aires prepares for a historic party

The Argentine national team soccerwho this Sunday was proclaimed world champion in Qatar after beating in the final France in the penalty shootout, she is already at home, where she was received by tens of thousands of fans.

At 2:23 p.m. (5:23 GMT), the flight AR1915 of Aerolíneas Argentinas that was transporting the delegation, headed by the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio Tapiaand the coach of the Albiceleste, lionel scalonilanded on the Ezeiza International Airportin the province of Good airs.

The plane that transported the team, an Airbus 330 that the flag carrier plotted months ago with images of players -which includes a Lionel Messi large in the tail of the aircraft – and a large white and blue shirt to transport fans who would travel from Argentina to Qatar, was baptized on the runway.

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Minutes before 3:00 a.m. (6:00 GMT), an exultant Messi with the world champion trophy in his hands along with the coach and the AFA leader were the first to descend from the aircraft and, little by little, , the rest of the members of the ‘staggered‘.

In the midst of the controversy over whether or not they will meet with the president of Argentina, alberto Fernandezthe only representative of the Peronist Executive at the foot of the plane was the Minister of the Interior, Edward Peter’swho accompanied the head of Aerolíneas Argentinas, Peter Ceriani. However, there was no formal greeting between authorities and players.

After stepping on a cinematographic red carpet, they boarded an open-top bus with images of the players, the three stars who will now wear the albiceleste shirt and the sign “World Champions”, in which they began to dance and jump to the rhythm of the hit popularized during Qatar 2022 “Boys, we got excited again”, from the group The Tsetse Flywho received them live.

Tens of thousands of people crowded the three kilometers that separate the airfield from the AFA sports venue where the members of the ‘Scaloneta’ will spend the night, hours before moving to Buenos Aires to celebrate with the Argentine fans.

A police device made up of 1,600 agents allowed a security corridor to be opened for the bus to access among the fans while the players continued to dance on the roof of the vehicle.

Numerous fans had been waiting for the team for several hours before and, without a doubt, will also accompany the caravan of athletes to the Argentine capital on Tuesday.

Historical party this Tuesday

The Government of Argentina decreed that this Tuesday is a working holiday to receive the selection.

The measure was arranged before the flood of people expected in Buenos Aires to receive the ‘Scaloneta’. As planned, the team led by Leo Messi will lead a caravan that, starting at noon (15:00 GMT) this Tuesday, will join Ezeiza with the Obeliskin the heart of Buenos Aires and the epicenter of the festivities in the South American country.

An urban bus tour will allow the fans to see their heroes, those who made them suffer in the final minutes of this Sunday’s game before bursting into joy with the last penalty of the shootout, converted by Gonzalo Montiel.

Flags, songs, dances and howls of satisfaction flooded the entire territory as a celebration for the feat carried out by ‘Scaloneta’ in Qatar, adding their third title, after those achieved in 1978 as hosts and in 1986 in Mexico.

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