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#Kolkata: Till these few days, loose clothes like pillowcases to wear at home were popularized as maxi. However, many people fondly call nighties, which are almost similar to wear at home And now? Coming out of the inner palace and into the street, in this noisy heat, with a heart full of heart, the one who has been walking around and has effortlessly acquired the beautiful heart, is none other than Maxie herself.

What do you think? Did you catch your mind? In fact, not only you, but everyone’s mind Jeans, tops, skirts, kurtis, salwars are all being overtaken by the maxi. It’s really up to the jury to make the fashion world comfortable by giving a little more sparkle to the desire to stay cool in the summer. And it is a matter of knowing that the majesty of this hen maxi will take over the puja market without fail.

But how to import this maxi object? If you go back a few years, you will remember the two famous faces of Hindi films The fashion of this western long maxi or gown is popular because of their hands One is Parveen and the other is Zeenat Aman The picture ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ is bound to flash in front of your eyes ‘Piya Tu’ is with him This is the first time the glory of maxi entered the public

But the real history is tied to the western wire In the eyes of ‘native’ Indians, Mem Sahebra was the first to come up with the concept of gown Mostly white net or light colored gowns Long sleeves Palms covered in beautifully crafted gloves The sweetness of the lace went down to the mountain Later, the desi flavor slowly entered into this gown Even then, memes have not started to be used in this country

Parveen and Jintra spread that idea from house to house Not only desi colors-dhang-spices, various new touches were seen in the maxi dress. Jhul kept getting smaller and bigger Sometimes touching the ground, sometimes ankle length, sometimes knee length, sometimes or shorter The length of the hand also started to change Full sleeve fashion was there before This time came short sleeves Sometimes sleeves Never a net sleeve

F8The lower part of maxi is also different from time to time Sometimes surrounded, sometimes skin fit, sometimes or fish cut, sometimes umbrella cut However, no matter how different the cut and the style, maxi dress is always in. Just like Veer Vikram, in full force, maxi dress is the comfortable fashion for this year’s Puja. Of course, fashion was in from last year But he woke up just now So, if you want to go to the bazaar-haat of Puja, you have to remember maxi dress but must chai-i-chai. But the real thing is, don’t get confused again in so many maxi dresses in the market Then what kind of dress should be bought?

A few things to keep in mind before buying First thing is the fabric When buying a maxi thinking about summer, first of all you should look at the fabric of the dress Because maxi dress can be kept as morning fashion on puja days So maxi is best for those who like casual look And now Pujo means very hot And hot means two things but must Khadi and linen And it can be pure cotton too The most comfortable of these is linen But the price of linen maxi is a bit higher Better to look at khadi and cotton within reach Nowadays there are various types of kalamkari, block print, shivori work maxi dresses available in the market Apart from this, you can take rayon No more hassles to take care of Also good in summer But better not to buy viscose or synthetic Even if you buy georgette, you must take soft georgette If you don’t like the monotonous collection in the market, it can be made to order If not, you can visit the exclusive boutiques of the city These days online boutiques also have a good collection of dresses And as a puja, it can be a little lace, gorgeous. Then you have to look at the color. Puja means bright colors And maxi dress is more suitable for dark colors Avoid black and choose indigo, brown, pistachio colors Red or bright yellow is also in fashion Choose dark colors in cotton or khadi Pastel shades will look good if you take Georgette or Chiffon

This time we have to think about the length And everyone knows this, if the height is short, it is better not to wear clothes that cover the ground It takes more twists But if you want to wear a long gown, wear it at least ankle length or a little higher Those who are tall can wear long gowns with their eyes closed

You can also try different types of sleeves Cold shoulder is very much in fashion now You can also try off shoulder and butterfly sleeves Apart from that, sleeveless is always a trend in summer You can also wear half sleeves or three quarter sleeves If it is a little ethnic dress, you can also wear the sleeves

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