Matignon wants to believe in an agreement with Les Républicains

Deputy LR Eric Ciotti responds to journalists in the Salle des Quatre-Colonnes, at the National Assembly, on November 29.

Politics is also a matter of tactics. In the thorny issue of pension reform, Emmanuel Macron is getting impatient but lets Elisabeth Borne play the watch, yielding here a few months, there a few more weeks before presenting this dynamited file. The challenge is to have the text adopted while avoiding a forced passage. The Prime Minister believes in it. Will she end up winning?

Wednesday, December 21, after a one-hour meeting between the tenant of Matignon and Eric Ciotti, the new boss of the Republicansstrategic party in the National Assembly to avoid yet another 49.3 (an adoption of the text without a vote), he was already hovering, rue de Varenne, the scent of a small victory. “It is too early to imagine an agreement. But we have identified points of convergence,” they explained to Matignon.

“A lot of time has been lost, and if the government is presenting such a brutal outline reform, it’s because Emmanuel Macron procrastinated for six years,” says Eric Ciotti.

At the end of this breakfast, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes no longer had the vindictive tone of the systematic opponents. The pension reform is ” necessary “he hammered at the Mondegetting off the plane that brought him back to Nice, talking about “postponing the retirement age, and/or increasing the contribution period”. Admittedly, the boss of the right is not kind to the head of state: “A lot of time has been wasted, and if the government is presenting such a brutally contoured reform, it is because Emmanuel Macron procrastinated for six years,” loose Eric Ciotti. But in front of the Prime Minister, he did not speak of red lines. He just mentions « conditions so that the reform sees the light of day with, perhaps, the approval of the right. And take pride in “key role” Of r, “party of government which aspires to return to it”.

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The divisions at LR regarding the reform

Beyond dwelling on the issues of arduous work, work for seniors or minimum pensions, in particular for choppy careers, Eric Ciotti is calling for less “brutality” : “We are in a context of extreme tension, of a purchasing power crisis in the aftermath of an unprecedented health crisis. Businesses are in trouble, he argues. So yes, the reform must be carried out, he says, but gently. The figure that has become a totem for retirement at 65 (against 62 today), brandished by the macronie since the presidential campaign, is not an absolute foil. “The question is above all that of the rhythmunderlines the president of LR. It is not the same thing to say that we go to 65 years old in 2027 or to 64 years old in 2027 or even 64 years old in 2031.

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