Marine Le Pen tries to dissociate herself from far-right “small groups”

RN deputy Jean Philippe Tanguy discusses with the president of the RN group, Marine Le Pen, at the National Assembly, in Paris, on November 21, 2022.

Marine Le Pen no longer wishes to be associated with the radical far right, from whom she was however recruiting not long ago. In a letter to Elisabeth Borne, the leader of the National Rally (RN) deputies calls for the dissolution “group associations, whatever their political profile”responsible in recent years for “multiple violence”. The letter, made public on Tuesday, December 20, vaguely designates “extremist groups”, whose violent members must be “severely sentenced and then, at the end of their sentence, be subject to checks in order to avoid any recurrence, regardless of their political profile”.

This is not the first time that Marine Le Pen has called for the dissolution of violent groups. But, until now, it had always targeted only the autonomous radical left, gathered under the term ” antifa “. This time, the frontist leader maintains an ambiguity; but the mail is part of a context of renewed manifestations of identity groups, through symbolic or violent actions. “Today there is greater recruitment of far-right groups, we must be vigilant and cry wolf”explains the RN deputy for the Somme Jean-Philippe Tanguy, co-signer of the letter from Mme The pen.

For several months, a nebula of local groups having taken over from Generation Identity, a national platform dissolved in 2021, has been increasing acts of aggression against left-wing or far-left activists. The evening of the France-Morocco match, in the semi-finals of the Football World Cup, on December 14, was the scene of violent raids against people of foreign origin, in Lyon and Nice, in particular. In Paris, 38 people close to the radical far right were arrested, including fifteen “S files” and a few figures from the identity movement, former members of the Zouavesdisbanded in January.

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Drawing a line between RN and Reconquest

The media and political interest in the actions of the ultra-right therefore prompted the RN to dissociate itself from it. In doing so, the RN also seeks to draw a line between itself and the party of Eric Zemmour, very active on social networks upstream of France-Morocco, and accused by the left of having incited clashes. Once again, the party with 89 deputies intends to take advantage of the perfect notabilisation tool that the Reconquest party constitutes, through its excesses.

“I wanted to cut short all the insinuations that try to smear us by analogy or capillarity, explains Jean-Philippe Tanguy. We are totally opposed to all these people, who spend their lives insulting us, who hate us., continues Marine Le Pen’s second in the National Assembly. Why refrain from designating identity groups? “To name them is to reduce the field of application of the fight”argues the elected RN, who says he also targets “radical environmental groups”.

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