Marine Le Pen and Mathilde Panot criticize Emmanuel Macron’s compliments in Qatar

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7:10 p.m., December 15, 2022

Marine Le Pen (RN) and Mathilde Panot (LFI) judged Thursday “inappropriate” and “indecent” the remarks of Emmanuel Macron considering that Qatar was organizing “very well” the football World Cup while this country is targeted by an investigation on suspicion of corruption in the European Parliament.

“The compliments made to Qatar (by the President of the Republic, editor’s note) when a very serious affair of corruption of European authorities by Qatar has just exploded seems to me particularly out of place”, declared the leader of the deputies National Rally , questioned on the sidelines of an interview at Matignon on pensions.

“Indecent” remarks for Mathilde Panot

Marine Le Pen’s party, formerly the National Front, has been the subject of several investigations and indictments for suspicions of fictitious jobs of European parliamentary assistants in recent years. Mathilde Panot, leader of the LFI deputies, judged on Public Senate “indecent that Emmanuel Macron and his government somehow endorse what happened in this World Cup”.

Macron “totally assumes” his visit to Qatar to support the France team

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that he was “totally” committed to supporting the national football team at the World Cup in Qatar, despite the many controversies and the ongoing investigation into allegations. suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament.

“I assume completely”, declared Emmanuel Macron on his arrival in Brussels for a European summit, coming directly from Qatar where he attended Wednesday evening the victory of France against Morocco in the semi-final. “I was behind the France team four years ago when it was in Russia and I am behind them in Qatar,” continued the French president, who will travel to Doha again on Sunday for the final against Egypt. Argentina.

“Emmanuel Macron is one of those who said that Qatar organized this World Cup well, that Qatar was making progress on a number of points and, at the same time, you have a scandal like no other. has ever had, in the European Parliament”, she noted.

Emmanuel Macron assume

What “shocks” is “not so much his presence (in Qatar) as the fact that he never had a word of criticism of this World Cup”, estimated for his part the ecologist deputy Sandrine Rousseau on LCI. “I never heard him denounce the 6,000 people who died building the stadiums” or “have a single word about ecology or LGBT people”.

The French president said Thursday “totally” assume the fact of going to support the French team in Qatar. Sporting events “are there to bring people together and so that sometimes nations that do not know how to talk to each other politically can talk to each other”, he added on Wednesday after the qualification of the Blues in the final of the World Cup, believing that Qatar was organizing “very good” this Cup.

“On the banned LGBT colors, there are plenty of things that we must continue to settle, plenty of countries where things have to be settled,” he said.

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