Major Staff Cuts Loom for Los Angeles Times, Union Reports

The Los Angeles Times, a prominent media outlet, is bracing for a significant reduction in its workforce as it prepares to lay off a substantial number of journalists. This development has sparked outrage within the newspaper’s union, leading to plans for a one-day walkout to vehemently oppose the impending layoffs.

Union Stance on Layoffs

The LA Times Guild has taken a strong stand against the management’s decision to carry out the layoffs, asserting that the move will have a detrimental impact on the newspaper’s ability to deliver vital accountability journalism, especially concerning the Southern California region. Moreover, the management has been accused of seeking to diminish the seniority protections enshrined in the union contract, which would give them greater latitude to select employees for layoffs.

Extent of Job Losses

While the exact number of layoffs has not been officially disclosed by the newspaper’s management, it has been reported that at least 100 journalists, constituting around 20% of the newsroom, will be affected. This envisaged reduction comes on the heels of the elimination of 74 newsroom positions in June, underscoring the magnitude of the impending staff cuts.

Leadership Changes

The turbulence within the Los Angeles Times extends beyond the realm of job losses, as the newspaper’s executive editor, Kevin Merida, recently announced his decision to step down from his role after a tenure of two-and-a-half years. Merida’s departure follows a period of intense introspection about the trajectory of his career, adding to the sense of upheaval within the organization.

Media Industry Landscape

The travails facing the Los Angeles Times are emblematic of the broader challenges confronting the media industry in an era of profound digital transformation. Media entities, grappling with dwindling advertising revenues, are encountering formidable obstacles in forging sustainable business models. The struggle to adapt to the evolving digital landscape has compelled several major outlets to downsize their workforce, leading to a staggering exodus of employees across the industry.
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In a parallel development, the Washington Post recently announced its plans to offer voluntary buyouts to its staff in a bid to reduce its headcount by 240, as it contended with underwhelming figures in subscriptions, website traffic, and advertising. This trend is indicative of the overarching pressure that media organizations are contending with as they confront the imperatives of adaptation and survival in an increasingly digitized environment. The crisis within the media industry has been underscored by a disconcerting statistic, with the US media sector witnessing 17,436 job cuts during the year preceding June 1, 2023. This staggering figure represents the highest number of job losses recorded in the industry, signaling the profound tumult that has engulfed media entities. The persistent erosion of employment opportunities has been manifested in the reduction of newsroom personnel from 114,000 to 85,000 between 2008 and 2020, as per data from the Pew Research Center.


The impending staff cuts at the Los Angeles Times and the ensuing union protest underscore the profound upheaval rippling through the media industry. As media organizations grapple with the imperatives of adaptation in the digital age, the ramifications of these developments extend far beyond the realm of individual news outlets, encapsulating the seismic shifts reshaping the entire landscape of journalism and media.


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