Lunch boxes, water bottles, rechargeable batteries… 6 purchases to limit our waste

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A lunch box to eat healthy and do without packaging

There are many reasons to opt for a lunch box: the desire to eat more balanced, to control your budget or to do a small gesture for the planet. But the offer is so plethoric that the choice is difficult. We have tested around thirty models in depth: sealing, preservation of cold or heat, resistance to shocks, staining, microwaves, etc. The Luminarc Pure Box Active particularly appealed to us. This lunch box made of glass in a French factory is well designed and inexpensive. We present three other recommendable products in our comprehensive guide.

Vainqueur ex-equo

Lunch box Pure Box Active 122 cl de Luminarc

Our top pick in glass

Inexpensive and easy to clean, this glass lunch box offers a single compartment. It comes with a pair of cutlery and an airtight lid with a small zipper opening, which you open to allow vapors to escape when microwaved.

* At the time of publication, the price was €12.50

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A reusable water bottle to replace cups

Treated with care, a water bottle can last for many years and avoid the consumption of hundreds of cups or plastic bottles. We tested 25 models to which we subjected a battery of thorough tests, and we recommend the Eco bottle + of Tupperware for its lightness, its robustness, and its reasonable carbon footprint.

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An insulated mug for coffee and tea

Mugs allow you to transport your tea warm, to order a latte without having to use a cup, or to keep water cold. We tested the waterproofness and temperature retention of 15 different models. It’s a Zojirushi model that seems to us the most recommendable, but like many mugs, it is made of metal. Its carbon footprint is so heavy : it will have to be used for years for its ecological impact to become positive.

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Food storage boxes to do without packaging

Sugar, flour, pasta, lentils, nuts can be bought in bulk in some grocery stores or markets. They benefit from being stored in stackable containers made of durable, airtight plastic, which promote conservation. We tested models from Oxo, Cambro, Oggi and others, but the ones from Rubbermaid seem to us to be the best.

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A charger to draw a line under disposable batteries

A rechargeable battery can be used hundreds of times, which makes it much more economical than a disposable battery, and much more environmentally friendly. A good charger is essential to optimize its performance and extend its life. In this comparison, we tested AA and AAA battery chargers from EBL, Panasonic and others. It is a Varta charger that seems to us the best.

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A menstrual cup that can be used for years

The menstrual cup has made a name for itself among the intimate protections alongside tampons and period pads with strong arguments. It saves money, generates incomparably less waste, releases less chemical components, and offers better comfort. Which brand, which size and which material to choose? Our team tested 29 models and ranked the MeLuna top. The “Classic” we recommend here is for medium-sized vaginas, but our comprehensive guide also recommends models for short and long vaginas.


MeLuna Classic

The best cup

The firm flexibility of the MeLuna Classic gives it two essential qualities: it is easy to fold and opens obediently once inserted. It comes in many sizes and is easy to clean.

*At time of publication, the price was €14.99

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