Loud noise in the middle of the night! Broke the roof! Woman alone at home! Then? get to know

#North 24 Parganas: The silence of the winter night was suddenly shattered by a loud noise. For a moment, everyone assumed that there was a big explosion. There was a rush among the local residents to leave their houses and go out to the streets to save their lives.

The place of occurrence is TN Chatterjee Street of Ward No. 16 of Baranagar Municipality. Eyewitnesses claimed that when they went out, they saw that the house of neighbor Sumitra Maiti had practically turned into a pile of rubble. The roof of the house collapsed. 55 year old Sumitra Devi was at home at that time. The incident spread all over the area. Barahnagar police and a fire engine came to the spot after receiving the information. According to police sources, due to the old house, it collapsed causing loud noise. Due to which the residents felt the sound of explosion. However, fire officials are already investigating whether the gas cylinder exploded.

The body of the owner of the house, Sumitra Maiti, was recovered from the broken part of the house after a long effort. Talking to the local neighbors, it is known that he lived alone in that area. Daughter is already married. After that, the body was recovered and sent for post-mortem by the police of Baranagar police station. The disaster management team reached the spot. However, the police are investigating the exact reason why that part of the house suddenly completely collapsed. The entire incident cast a shadow of mourning on the area. It is believed that the forensic team may come to the area to inspect the incident.

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