Lost ‘Friends’ scripts from London dumpster headed to auction

**Uncovered: ‘Friends’ Scripts from London Trash Can up for Auction**

Two original “Friends” scripts, parts one and two of “The One With Ross’s Wedding,” are set to make a remarkable journey from a London dumpster to a prestigious auction. The episodes, which served as the season four finale in 1998, follow the hilarious escapades of Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Rachel as they venture to England to attend Ross’ wedding.

### The Remarkable Discovery

After the completion of filming, the cast and crew were tasked with the disposal of their scripts to safeguard the storyline’s secrecy. However, against all odds, a retired staff member from the TV studio stumbled upon a pair of scripts that had been overlooked. Remarkably, these scripts had been discarded in a London trash can 25 years ago and were forgotten until now.

### Unfolding of Events

“I found them in a bin a couple of weeks after filming had finished,” shared the unnamed former staff member. Overwhelmed by uncertainty about the next course of action, they opted to stow away the scripts in their office drawer. After leaving their job the following year, the scripts were inadvertently abandoned. It was only years later, while rediscovering them in a bedside table, that the significance of these scripts came to light.

### Hidden Treasures Unearthed

Despite not being an avid “Friends” fan, the former staff member sought validation for the scripts through Hansons, recognizing their potential significance to an ardent fan of the show. The head of operations at the auction house remarked on the global appeal of the hit show, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding the final auction price, which is expected to commence on Friday.

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### The Legacy Lives On

While the estimated value of the scripts stands between £600-£800, the enduring impact of “Friends” continues to captivate audiences worldwide even 20 years after the final episode aired in 2004. The endearing and enduring popularity of the show cements its place in the hearts of millions of fans, ensuring the scripts will draw significant interest.

### Conclusion

The unexpected journey of these discarded scripts from a London trash can to a sought-after auction serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of “Friends.” Though once considered disposable, their rediscovery has breathed new life into their narrative, poised to capture the imagination of dedicated enthusiasts. As the bidding unfolds, the fervor surrounding the auction serves as a reminder of the show’s timeless resonance and the enduring allure of its cherished memorabilia.


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