Lost Crown Receives Rave Reviews – It’s Good News!

**Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – A Triumph Returns**

The long-awaited Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has finally hit the shelves, and the reception is nothing short of phenomenal. Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the release of this 2D game, which marks a triumphant return for the iconic franchise after a prolonged hiatus. The Lost Crown, set to be released on January 18 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X, PC, and Switch, has been the subject of much anticipation and speculation. Let’s delve into the early reviews and see why this release is causing such a stir.

**Early Reactions and the Game’s Evolution**

With the dawn of the release window, opinions surrounding The Lost Crown have undergone a dramatic shift from the initial lukewarm reception. Despite early misgivings, the game has managed to build momentum and anticipation. Ubisoft’s decision to release the game for reviews a week ahead of the launch has proved to be a strategic move, contributing to an increased fervor surrounding the game’s commercial prospects.

This installment represents a departure from the traditional narrative, as players assume the role of Sargon, tasked with the mission to rescue the prince. Although this new approach deviates from the time-honored formula of playing as the eponymous prince, it has injected a fresh vitality into the franchise, sparking renewed interest and enthusiasm among both long-standing fans and newcomers.

**Acclaim and Accolades**

The critical acclamation for The Lost Crown has been resounding, with a score of 86 on Opencritic, derived from 61 reviews. The Metacritic rating reflects the same score, underscoring the game’s consistent appeal across different platforms. The overwhelmingly positive reviews attest to the game’s capacity to captivate and enthrall its audience.

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Renowned gaming journalist Steve Watts of Gamespot extols the game, awarding it an impressive 9 out of 10. He heralds The Lost Crown as a transformational force within the series, likening its impact to the seminal entry, Sands of Time, which revolutionized the classic platformer into 3D. Michael Damiani of Easy Allies echoes this sentiment, lauding the game’s reinvention and its elevation of the Metroidvania genre to new heights. The game’s seamless connectivity and masterful execution depict a bright future for the franchise.

Even amidst the effusive praise, some critics have proffered nuanced perspectives. Phile Hornshaw of IGN acknowledges the game’s prowess in capturing the essence of the Prince of Persia legacy while ironing out the inherent flaws of its 3D predecessors by embracing a 2D perspective. The game’s traditional Metroidvania elements, combined with precise execution, reinforce its status as a worthy successor to the esteemed legacy of the series.

**Diverse Critiques and Varied Perspectives**

Mollie Taylor of PC Gamer offers a tempered appraisal, recognizing the game as a palatable Metroidvania but highlighting reservations regarding its prolonged exposition. While entailing a slow start, The Lost Crown eventually evolves into an immersive and engaging experience.

Stephen Tailby, handling the review for Push Square, lauds the game’s captivating gameplay and seamless fusion of the series’ 2D heritage with the time-bending mechanics from later installments. Despite minor visual shortcomings and occasional pacing issues, the game’s exhilarating platforming and combat overshadow any imperfections, positioning it as a stellar addition to the franchise’s lineage.


The resounding applause and accolades that have greeted Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown serve as a testament to its triumphant revival. The game’s ability to reinvigorate the franchise while paying homage to its lineage underscores its significance within the gaming landscape. As players eagerly embark on Sargon’s journey and unravel the intricacies of The Lost Crown, it is evident that the series has reclaimed its mantle with an enduring legacy that promises both nostalgia and innovation. The triumphant return of Prince of Persia is not just a celebration for longtime fans but also an invitation for a new generation of gamers to partake in the timeless allure of this iconic franchise.

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