López Obrador says that “interference” will be one of the three topics that he will discuss with Biden in January


23 Dec 2022 04:37 GMT

The Mexican president indicated that he will address this point after what happened in Peru.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said this Thursday that in his meeting with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, scheduled for next January, he will address three issues, including “interference.”

As the Mexican and US authorities have already confirmed, the tenth summit of North American leaders will take place on January 10 at the National Palace in Mexico City. Within the framework of that appointment, López Obrador will meet Biden.

In this regard, López Obrador said, in his morning press conference, that he will ask his American counterpart “that there is no longer interference […] No longer put, remove governments in Latin America at the whim of anyonerespect the sovereignty of the peoples, walk together, not see each other as adversaries, not even enemies, much less treat each other as allies in all the countries of America”.

“That these things like the ones in Peru don’t happen,” he added. This as a result of the political crisis unleashed in the South American country, where on December 7 the Congress dismissed to the then president, Pedro Castillo, after his failed attempt to dissolve the Parlament.

In this regard, López Obrador pointed out that “there are suspicions” that the Americans were involved, because “they don’t even take care of the forms”.

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“The first message after the removal of President Castillo was from the US ambassador to Peru,” Lisa Kenna, said the Mexican president. Then, she added, the Washington representative visited Dina Boluarte, who succeeded the deposed president, at the Government Palace in Lima.

In his press conference on Wednesday, López Obrador questioned that the new authorities in Peru “did not react in the same way” to the pronouncements of different countries regarding what is happening in the country, since while they accept the position of the United States. , declared ‘persona non grata’ and expelled the Mexican ambassador, Pablo Monroy.

The Mexican president pointed out that the issue of curbing “interference” in the region, which he will address with Biden, is accompanied by carrying out “a renewal” of the Organization of American States (OAS) which, he said, has become “an instrument at the service of hegemonic powers.”

the other two themes

Another of the issues that López Obrador will raise with Biden will be to consolidate “economic-commercial development in North America and throughout America.”

Let it be constituted -accurate- a commercial economic region in Americathat what we already know works, the North American treaty, be extended to all of America, to seek import substitution, that what we consume be produced in America, and it will undoubtedly be the most important region of the world”.

And a third theme for that meeting will be “that start a program to support the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean“.

“I want to propose that a plan be carried out to support the countries of the Americas, also with the purpose that people have job opportunities and are not forced to emigrate, address the causes of migration. It is an alliance for the well-being of the peoples,” he emphasized.

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