López Obrador regrets that the US endorses “all the gruesome maneuver” in Peru to vacate Castillo


21 Dec 2022 21:09 GMT

The president deplored that Washington, “which always talks about democracy,” did not respect the popular will that put the rural teacher in the presidency.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, regretted this Wednesday that the US government did not defend the democratic principles in Peru, expressed in the popular will that elected Pedro Castillo as president.

“I am truly sorry that the US government, which always talks about democracy, in this case, instead of asking that the will of the people be respected, that the president-elect be respected In a democratic way, what they do is that they endorse the whole tricky maneuver to remove the president,” López Obrador declared in his morning press conference.

The Mexican president commented that Washington’s action on the political and institutional crisis in Peru, aggravated by the vacancy of Castillo by Congress and the appointment of Dina Boluarte as president, “is unquestionable” and has been “completely interventionist”because the US appears “very prominent in all these events.”

“The facts were just unfolding. [en Perú], the first statement is from the US ambassador. [Lisa Kenna] already recognizing the decision of Congress”, said López Obrador. “In the moments of most confrontation and repression, [la embajadora] He goes to the Palace of Peru to see the President, to express his support, that is completely interventionist,” he added.

Along these lines, the Mexican president stressed that the intervention of the United States in the internal affairs of other countries is not new, but obeys the so-called ‘Monroe Doctrine’ – which proclaims that the continent should be controlled by Washington– a policy that has been imposed on Latin American countries “for a long time and is still in force” through the “leading role” of US ambassadors in Latin American conflicts.

For López Obrador, this policy has to be eradicated, for which he announced that it will be an issue that will be dealt with with his American counterpartJoe Biden, to find a way to start a new phase of more respectful relations.

Concern for Peru

Meanwhile, López Obrador commented that he is concerned about the current situation in Peru, because democracy is at stake and the credibility of the institutions that should respect the popular mandate.

For the Mexican president, the dismissal of Castillo from the Presidency was an act of “imposition” that gave rise to the social implosion translated into the current crisis and the wave of protests in the South American country.

“In the case of Peru, It is the majority of Congress that is against the president.who is detained, and there is no evidence that he has committed a crime, there is no opinion that he has moral incapacity, an imposition is carried out, and people are dissatisfied because they do not respect the popular will,” he commented.

Mexico rules out breaking relations with Peru and appoints a person in charge at its Embassy

López Obrador indicated that since Mexico has openly denounced what is happening in Peru, his country is pointed out in Lima as “non grata”, which he finds “very unfortunate”, in the midst of a situation where human rights are violated, citizens and democrats.

“It’s very unfortunate, The most worrying thing is the repressive attitude, bringing out the Army to repress the people“, maintained the Mexican president in relation to the measures taken by Boluarte to stop the massive demonstrations that accounted for more than 20 deaths.

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