Living in a tiled house, the Trinamool chief returned the government housing scheme

#Maldah: Tiled overhead, and fence around. The panchayat chief does not have a roof over his head or a house to live in. However, Trinamool Pradhan of Sobhanagar Panchayat of Malda returned after getting a house under the government housing scheme. When the ruling party in Djerba over the corruption of the party chiefs in the housing scheme, the opposite picture is in Malda. The Trinamool chief’s honesty is praised by the opposition.

Panchayat member for 15 years together. Holding the post of Deputy Principal and Principal for 10 years. Even then they don’t have their own solid house. The couple’s name was added to the list of recipients of houses under the government housing scheme after the incident of living in a mud house was detected in the administrative survey. Even then, Hela rejected the benefits of the government scheme. The auditor also informed the team about the decision not to get a house for themselves. Not only that, the Trinamool chief has made up his mind that he will not take a house in any government project until the raw houses of all the villagers are ready. With such a decision of Trinamool chief Rakhi Roy of Sobhanagar village panchayat of English Bazar in Malda, the vigorous exercise has started. However, not only the benefits of the government scheme that they left, the couple has not been touched by corruption even after being in power in the panchayat for 15 years. – Saying from the neighbors to the opponents.

Rakhi Roy and Manik Roy are residents of Madia area of ​​Shobhanagar village panchayat in Malda. Many families in the village do not have proper houses to live in. The Roy couple’s house is lined with tiles on the side of the road and surrounded by a Darma fence. There are separate mud houses around and the houses of the family living in a courtyard in the middle. It is known that in 2003, Manik Roy was elected as Panchayat member of Trinamool ticket area. His wife Rakhi Roy won the next election in 2008 on a Congress ticket and became Deputy Chief Minister of Sobhanagar. Handled the duties of Deputy Principal for five years. However, Manik Babu once contested the panchayat election in 2013 on a Congress ticket and lost. But, in the 2018 panchayat elections, Rakhidevi was again elected on the Congress ticket. Since then, he changed the party first to Congress and later became the head of the Trinamool board. He is still the panchayat head of Shobhanagar. In his mud house, the common people are busy with various tasks from morning to day. Sometimes he sits in his house, sometimes he goes to the panchayat and handles the administrative duties of the chief. But, why did you get a house in the government project but refused? The clear answer of the Roy couple is that many people in the village are poorer than them. All of them should get houses. About 100 people of the village have been named in the government project this time. Even then, many remained. In this situation, if you take the house yourself, it will be proved that you have taken additional benefits as the head. That’s why they want the houses of all the villagers to be paved first. Then you can think about yourself.

The Trinamool couple, despite being the leaders of the ruling party, returned the allotted houses for themselves. Neighbors say the chief’s family also really deserves a government house. Still, the decision they have taken is commendable. However, not only the neighbors but also the opponents did not hesitate to praise this Trinamool leader. There are no allegations of corruption in Sobhanagar Panchayat. Opposition parties in the panchayat also welcomed the way Pradhan rejected the house.

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