last tribute to the 13-year-old teenager mowed down by a car on the evening of the France-Morocco match in Montpellier

A silent march is organized this Tuesday. It will precede the burial of young Aymen 13 and a half years old, mowed down by a car after the France Morocco match. It started at 2 p.m. from the Zénith forecourt to go to the Grammont cemetery.

Day of meditation, prayers and peace for a last tribute to Aymen, this young boy mowed down by a driver after the France Morocco meeting. This Tuesday, December 20, family, relatives and residents met first at the Averroès mosque from 1 p.m. for the prayer of the deceased. More than 3000 people were present, inside and outside the Mosque.

2 p.m., meeting was given to the friends, relatives and families of the young boy in the South parking lot of the Zénith before going to the Grammont cemetery. Linda, the mom had planned more than 300 white roses. Just enough for the very many children and friends of Aymen who came to pay him a final tribute.

It’s impossible, I saw him during the day.. and in the evening, he was no longer there…


He was my buddy, my co-worker ever since, we grew up together..;” adds his friend.

Aymen was educated at La Mosson. He was 13 years old. His tragic death last Wednesday after France Morocco had provoked strong reactions. In the procession, there were 1,000 people marching in silence behind a black banner asking “Justice pour Aymen.”

A silent, respectful march with a white rose as its emblem.

It’s very important, a 13-year-old child who dies through no fault of his own, it touched us all very deeply, “says this neighbor.

It’s heartwarming, we’ve never seen so much solidarity, it’s the first time we’ve seen so much solidarity around this young man who left,“confirms this close.

Aymen, 13, was fatally hit by a car in the La Paillade sector in Montpellier on Wednesday evening December 14 at 10:35 p.m., at the end of the meeting between France and Morocco in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. the driver’s vehicle was found “a few meters from the accident and placed in receivership”.

A man was quickly taken into custody then finally was released. “A person placed in police custody since December 16, 2022 was released at the end of it, without any charge being brought against him as it stands., said Fabrice Belargent, public prosecutor of Montpellier on December 17. “Several witnesses to the facts were also heard. Investigations are currently continuing to locate an individual suspected of being the driver of the vehicle at the time of the action. continued the head of the Montpellier prosecutor’s office.

Violent incidents broke out on Thursday, December 15, in the first part of the evening, in the districts of La Paillade then Petit-Bard. Very quickly, Aymen’s family called for calm.

“We call for the greatest calm and express our confidence in the institutions of the Republic, police and justice, so that the perpetrator is arrested and tried.”

A call relayed by representatives of the Muslim and gypsy communities to ease tensions and rumors and strengthen the links of the Pailladins.

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