Kolkata News Dilip Ghosh Gives Reaction On FIFA World Cup, He Attacks TMC

Jayant Pal, Kolkata: BJP’s All India Vice President and Member of Parliament Dilip Ghosh reacted to Argentina’s victory before leaving the city. Before leaving for Delhi on Monday morning, standing at the Kolkata airport, Dilip Ghosh said about Argentina’s victory, ‘I saw the game. deadly game great forced Goal record.’ After that, without naming him, he said, “The victory of blue and white is the victory of mother earth people?” Those who have nothing to be proud of themselves, have to be proud by borrowing.’ However, apart from the World Cup, today the job seekers’ grand alliance, housing scheme corruption, spoke on multiple issues Dilip Ghosh

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Dileep’s cannon ahead of the Bengal BJP meeting in Delhi today

Monday is an important day for several reasons. On the one hand, Bengal BJP meeting in Delhi today (BJP Meeting). Union Minister of State for Education and MP Subhash Sarkar will be present at this meeting Dilip Ghosh, Sukanta Majumdar, Nisith Pramanik, Locket Chatterjee (Dilip Ghosh, Sukanta Majumdar, Nisith Pramanik, Locket Chatterjee) are all state MPs. will stay Good luckAnd (Suvendu Adhikari). BJP All India President JP Nadda has been invited to the meeting. Besides, on the same day again, among the Job Seekers who are agitating again, this time ‘Mahajot’.

What did Dileep say to job seekers who are protesting ‘Mahajot’ today?

Today, 9 platforms have called for a grand rally. From Sealdah the procession will go to Y Channel. Government is on the side of Job Seekers. Trinamool demanded again. However, the BJP did not stop pushing. Some at the foot of Gandhi statue, some next to Matangini Hazra statue, they have been protesting for months on the complaint of not getting job in the school despite being qualified candidates. This time, 9 stages of job seeking agitators are going to come together, not separately. They will hold a grand march on Monday demanding the Chief Minister’s intervention.

Deserving are deprived: Dileep

The city has seen the grand alliance of politics at the Brigade Maidan, and this time the deprived job seekers, who have been sitting on the streets for a long time, are also going to form a grand alliance like politics. Calcutta High CourtWith the consent of the agitating job seekers, the grand procession started from Sealdah at 12:30 PM on Monday. The procession will go up to the Y channel at Dharmatala. SLST job seekers who have been protesting for 600 days will participate in it. Apart from them, they will join the procession in 2014 TET Passed, SSC Group C, Group D job aspirants- including other stage. On this issue, Dilip Ghosh said, ‘The worthy are deprived. Incompetents are working with money. Ruining children’s future. They are agitating. They have rights. We are together morally.’

No one told me anything: Dileep

On the other hand, what is Shuvendu? Amit Shah Censored by? In response to the question, Dilip Ghosh said, ‘I don’t know. Nobody said anything to me. Speculation abounds. What exactly happened, those who were near, can tell.’ Meanwhile, before the panchayat polls in the state, there is a storm of debate on the issue of housing corruption in several places. Dilip Ghosh said about Awas Yojana corruption, ‘It will increase further. It is also complaining in its name. The BDOs are doing this hand in hand with the Trinamool leaders. We will take a program to surround the BDO office.’

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