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On the final stretch of Face and Courage, Regina (Mel Lisboa) will eat the bread that the devil kneaded. The viper will be driven away by Danilo (Ricardo Pereira) after Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) to accuse the two former accomplices from participating in the attack contra Clarice (Taís Araujo). Homeless, she will go back to live with her mother, Dagmar (Guida Vianna), and will pay the price by having to sweep the property, take a cold shower and eat popular dishes, such as chicken with okra and buchada.

The scenes air from the next day 29🇧🇷 The scoundrel will put the new companion out of his life as soon as the delegate Marcela (Julia Lund) pressures him to confess why he tried to kill the daughter of Martha (Claudia Di Moura). He’ll want to get away from the con artist because their alibis for the night of the murder are different. Danilo will kick her mercilessly.

“The two of us together, if you want, only in bed, On occasion. In life, now, it’s every man for himself. You can even take your things and leave my apartment “, the suit will shoot. She will ask if she is being expelled:” Do you think you found me on the street, Danilo? That I’m trash you throw away like that?”

He will not hesitate to humiliate her and say that Regina she’s a Gusmao only until her divorce comes out. Regina will gather her belongings in a box and leave Siderúrgica Gusmão with her tail between her legs. The other employees will smirk as they watch her go.

Danilo will think Regina won’t be able to get away with it after Leonardo changes his statement. After saying barbarities to her face, he will run after Rebeca (Mariana Santos) willing to resume his marriage with the blonde. With nowhere to go, Regina will appear at the door of her mother’s humble residence, releasing wasps through the nostrils.

“I never thought I’d come back. When I left here and went to live in the south zone, I stamped my shoe before getting in the car, so as not to take even the earth from this place”, the greedy woman cries out. She will explain that she cannot spend what little she has because Leonardo cleared the account he had with her🇧🇷 Even cursing the place, the viper will be comforted by the mother, who will hug her when she sees her cry.

Punishment and humiliation

From then on, the soap opera will have those scenes in which a villain pays for what he did with punishments that are not even absurd, but that leave them humiliated. Regina will be disgusted by everything and will be caught sweeping the house after a mess. To complete, at bath time, she will discover that the shower burned and there is no hot water.

On the other hand, it will break your heart to see Dagmar prepare foods she liked in the past and only get kicked. The woman will even start selling dishcloths to be able to buy the kind of coffee and cheese that her presumptuous daughter likes.

Cara e Coragem will be on the air until January 13. go in faithsoap opera by Rosane Svartmanwill premiere in the 7 p.m. slot on January 16.

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