Jet-Setting Pug ‘Kuma’ Takes 250 Flights and Counting, Fits in a Cabin Bag and Slots Under the Seat

**The Travelling Adventures of Kuma The Pug**

**Meet Kuma, the Jet-Setting Pug**

When you hear the term “international jet setter,” you might not immediately think of a furry, four-legged friend. However, that’s exactly how you can describe Kuma, a pug who has taken around 250 flights and counting. This New York-based canine has become quite the travel influencer, boasting a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok. Proud owner Sid Henderson has documented Kuma’s adventures online and recently shared insights about their travels with MailOnline Travel.

**From Puppy to Frequent Flyer**

Sid, a 38-year-old professional in warehouse automation, often travels for work, and Kuma has been his faithful companion from a very young age. The pair is a familiar sight at New York airports, and they have ventured across the United States, as well as to Montreal in Canada and even as far as Seoul in South Korea. Additionally, Kuma has explored various European destinations, including the streets of Paris, the city of Porto, and the beaches of Lisbon.

**The Travel Experience**

You might wonder how Kuma manages to be such a seasoned traveler. According to Sid, it’s a surprisingly seamless experience. The seven-year-old pug effortlessly fits into a small bag and comfortably tucks under Sid’s legs during the entire flight. Remarkably, Kuma’s presence often goes unnoticed by fellow passengers, as he quietly snoozes during the journey.

**Flying With Furry Friends**

While not all dogs may take to the skies as easily as Kuma, Sid has observed that his pug’s temperament remains unchanged while flying. He attributes this to Kuma’s upbringing in a bustling city, which has seemingly tempered his disposition. To ensure a comfortable journey, Sid avoids flights longer than six or seven hours, allowing for any unexpected delays without causing distress to Kuma.

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**Tips for Traveling with Pets**

For those considering traveling with their pets, Sid emphasizes the importance of arriving at the airport early. This allows time for pets to expend their energy, undergo any necessary security checks, and take a bathroom break in a designated pet relief area before the flight.

**Spreading Smiles Around the World**

While Kuma’s travels have garnered overwhelmingly positive reactions, Sid acknowledges that his pug remains unfazed by the glamour of different destinations. Instead, Kuma’s true joy comes from the experience of exploring and discovering new scents in unfamiliar places.


In conclusion, Kuma, the jet-setting pug, has charmed the hearts of many with his remarkable travel tales. From navigating bustling airports to snoozing through flights and delighting crowds with his endearing presence, Kuma proves that adventures are not limited to just humans. His journeys serve as a reminder to cherish the simple joys of exploration and a wagging tail in unfamiliar surroundings. After all, as Kuma demonstrates, the world is best explored with a spirit of curiosity and a keen sense of smell.


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