Japanese Flight Controllers Successfully Reconnect with Tipped-Over SLIM Moon Lander

Japanese flight controllers have recently achieved a remarkable feat by re-establishing contact with the robotic SLIM lunar lander, eight days after the spacecraft encountered a critical setback during its touchdown on the lunar surface. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) made the announcement following the successful re-establishment of communication with the SLIM lander.

Mechanical Glitch Leads to Tilted Landing

The SLIM spacecraft faced an unexpected setback when an engine malfunction occurred just moments before its scheduled landing, causing it to veer off course during its final descent. As a result, the spacecraft ended up tilting over upon touchdown, leaving its solar cells facing away from the sun. This resulted in a loss of power as the spacecraft was unable to harness solar energy, forcing it to rely on its limited onboard battery reserves. The engineers and flight controllers, however, remained hopeful of restoring contact with the SLIM lander as the angle between the sun and its solar cells changed with the moon’s orbit.

Successful Resumption of Operations

Following diligent efforts and strategic maneuvers, the Japanese flight controllers succeeded in re-establishing communication with the SLIM lander, enabling the resumption of operations. The team wasted no time and immediately initiated scientific observations using the multi-band camera, subsequently obtaining the first images from the lunar surface. The successful resumption of operations marks a significant milestone in the ongoing mission, demonstrating the resilience and perseverance of the Japanese space exploration team in overcoming challenges and setbacks.

The Path Ahead

While the communication with the SLIM lander has been restored, the engineering team faces new challenges. It remains to be seen whether there is sufficient power available to recharge the spacecraft’s battery, the anticipated duration of operation with the available power, and the possibility of shutting down the spacecraft temporarily to await additional power generation.
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Notably, despite the challenges encountered, the SLIM lander successfully achieved a lunar touchdown, solidifying Japan’s position as the fifth nation to accomplish this feat, following the United States, the former Soviet Union, China, and India.

Commercial Lunar Missions

The SLIM lunar landing comes in the wake of other commercial lunar missions that have faced their own set of challenges. Three robotic landers from Japan, Israel, and the United States encountered malfunctions that led to unsuccessful landings. However, the endeavor continues as a fourth commercial lander, developed by Houston-based Intuitive Machines, is scheduled for launch in the near future. The perseverance and innovation in commercial lunar missions underscore the collective efforts to explore and unravel the mysteries of the lunar surface, despite the complexities and uncertainties involved in space exploration.


The successful re-establishment of communication with the SLIM lunar lander stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and expertise of the Japanese space exploration team. As they navigate the intricacies of space missions, including unforeseen challenges and setbacks, their dedication to advancing scientific discovery and exploration remains resolute. The recent developments not only exemplify the remarkable progress in lunar exploration but also underscore the spirit of resilience and determination that propels human endeavors in the realm of space exploration.


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