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Below, read the transcript of Cara e Coragem’s video. In the new week of the plot, Pat will lie to discover Romulus’ secret:

Fasten your seat belts, turbulence is coming! In the new week of Face and Courage, Pat discovers the truth about Romulo and sets up a dangerous plan with Italo. Come with me and I’ll tell you all about the chapters from December 26th to 31st of Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

In the episode of Monday, December 26th, Italian believes that Rômulo is connected to the buyers of the magnesium formula and tells Pat. Soon after, the stuntwoman accepts to work with Rômulo, and the two kiss. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to get closer to Nadir. Already Alfredo observes Sosô talking to Moa about Chiquinho and reacts saddened.

In another core, Leonardo tell to Clarice e Martha who denounced Regina e Danilo the police. Later, Moa confesses to Milton that she fears losing Pat’s love. In the end, the stuntwoman suggests that Joca offer to take Lou up to the altar.

On Tuesday, December 27th, Moa approaches Pat, who assumes the romance with Romulo. Lou accepts Joca’s request, as long as olivia also lead her to the altar. Later, Moa claims that she will prove Romulus’ lack of character, and Pat fears he won’t get along with the stunt double anymore. In another core, Anita asks Clarice for help to go to the police station to testify against Regina and Danilo.

Alfredo, on the other hand, reveals to Olivia his apprehension with the result of the DNA test. Lou questions Pat about his relationship with Romulus. Meanwhile, Rebeca tells Moa that Rômulo is Danilo’s friend. The day of Lou’s wedding arrives and Rico🇧🇷 The groom, Joca and the guests arrive at the wedding venue, but Renan kidnaps Lou before the ceremony.

In the chapter of Wednesday, December 28: Jessica notify Duarte of Lou’s kidnapping, and Rico despairs. Lou is frightened by the state of her ex-boyfriend, but manages to escape. Soon after, Ítalo, Rico, Moa and Pat discover a clue to Renan’s whereabouts. Later, Lou manages to arrive for the wedding and everyone applauds the newlyweds. Meanwhile, in another core, Rômulo assures Danilo that he has put people to find Jonathan.

Regina loses everything in the divorce and tries to talk to Leonardo. Afterwards, she and Danilo are called to testify and arrive together at the police station. Moa tells Pat about Rômulo’s friendship with Danilo. And in the end, Rebeca refuses to know information about her biological mother.

In the following chapter, on Thursday, December 29, Regina and Danilo deny Anita and Leonardo and blame the two for their crimes. Then Marcela tells Paulo that she is going to indict Danilo, Regina and Leonardo for the attack on Clarice, and Jarbas listens.

Then Danilo throws the accomplice out of his house. Regina is fired and is enraged when she sees Clarice arrive at the SG. Ítalo already tells Leonardo that he will be indicted. In another core, Olivia threatens to denounce Renan if he doesn’t leave Lou. Moa, on the other hand, hears Pat say that he will stop being a stuntman, not knowing that it is a combination with Ítalo. At the very end of the chapter, the result of the DNA that Alfredo did with Sosô comes out. Meanwhile, Pat and Moa kiss.

And on Friday, December 30, Pat lies to keep Moa away and follow Ítalo’s plan, which gives Marcela evidence against Danilo. Soon after, Pat convinces Romulus to throw a party at his house to promote his new career. Meanwhile, Moa confesses to Milton that he fears for Pat’s safety when dealing with Romulo.

Later, Alfredo takes the DNA test to Pat and confirms that Moa is Sosô’s biological father. Rebeca, on the other hand, strangely shows Moa Danilo’s authorization to pilot small boats. At the very end of the chapter, Regina handles the weapon she got from Alexei.

To close the week, on Saturday, December 31, Alfredo says he will continue to be Sosô’s father. Soon after, Lou returns from the Honeymoon and wonders at Pat’s behavior at Rômulo’s house during the party. Moa, on the other hand, investigates, with Rico’s help, whether Danilo has already used the Arrais license to fly. Meanwhile, Ítalo manages to install the microphone in Rômulo’s house.

Later, Rico and Moa discover Danilo’s boat at the marina and tell the police. Pat signs an exclusive contract with Rômulo’s company and exchanges glances with Ítalo. At the very end, Moa and Rico convince Marcela to investigate Danilo’s boat. Then Pat talks to Moa about Sosô. How will the stuntman react to the bombshell? Just access the TV news so you don’t miss any details! I’m Luiza Leão and I’ll see you in the next soap opera summary, bye!

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