It can also be ugly: Westerlo gets more than it deserves in Ostend and is approaching one point from the top four

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After Club Brugge’s loss to KV Kortrijk, Westerlo was (for the time being) within one point of fourth place and thus fully involved in the battle for the Champions’ Play-offs.

If the boys of Jonas De Roeck were already aware of the blue-black slide, it was clearly not inspiring. Despite the 0-1 lead after 45 minutes, Westerlo delivered a lousy performance on the coast before the break. Only once did the Kemphanen come out offensively well. It was immediately bingo: man-in-form Vaesen cleverly nodded in a cross from Reynolds.


De Cuyper could even have kicked Westerlo into a double lead from eleven meters, after referee Nicolas Laforge put the ball on the spot for an elbow from Medley to Neustädter after the intervention of the VAR. A strict judgement, but Westerlo’s flank defender did not unwrap the present and aimed the ball wide of goal.

Strong Bolat

As quiet as it was in front of Hubert’s goal, it was sometimes busy in front of Bolat’s cage. You couldn’t call the home team’s football good, but driven by enthusiasm and duel power, it did cause some hot positions in the penalty area. McGeehan, Rodin and Ndicka twice. They were all close to a goal, but each time Bolat was still in between with a hand or another body part. When the Turkish goalkeeper had to give in to Atanga’s header, Perdichizzi used his joker.


Even after the break, Westerlo’s last pawn was the first to be noticed by taking a shot from Medley from the short corner. Striking statistic after an hour of football: 9 shots within the frame for KVO, only one for Westerlo. However, there was room in the second half, only Westerlo played poorly three times.

Pinball Goals

With a bit of luck, the coastal team still got paid for their work. After a Ndicka twisted the neck in a quick counterpunch, Westerlo did not get rid of the ball in the back in a pinball phase. McGeehan headed the equalizer against the ropes from close range.

Given the game image, Westerlo could be happy with a draw, but the Kemphanen still won the three points. The substitute Dierckx missed the winning goal face to face with Hubert, but in added time the Ostend goalkeeper still had to turn around a second time. Van Eenoo’s shot deflected off Gumuskaya’s back and rolled excruciatingly slowly over the goal line.

Winning an ugly match with an ugly goal, that’s how it can be done for otherwise frivolous football Westerlo. It brings the Kemphanen (for now) to within one point of the top four and keeps the chances of the Champions’ Play-offs intact. KV Oostende is doing a bad thing after 4 out of 6 against Club Brugge and Eupen with a view to retention.

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