iOS 16.2 news: know the complete list

In the coming days, the Apple is releasing the last update of 2022 for the operating system of iPhoneo iOS 16.2🇧🇷 And this version comes with some interesting news, which appeared as the beta version was being tested.

Check here a list organized by Blog do iPhone with all the news of this new version. And while we’re focusing here on the iPhone, many of the same new features are also being included in iPadOS 16.2 for iPad and macOS 13.1 Ventura for the Mac, also released at the same time.

1. Freeform

O Freeform is a new app for working collaboratively with friends or colleagues on Mac, iPad and iPhone. What is drawn/written on one device appears on others.

It’s like a whiteboard, which allows you to add files, images, stickers and other elements. Drawing tools let you sketch anywhere on the screen with your finger.

2. Apple Music Sing

According we already showed hereSing is a new way to sing along to millions of your favorite songs on Apple Music.

It’s practically a karaoke modewhere you can take vocals from a song and sing along.

3. Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

Starting in the United States, this new option expands the total number of categories of iCloud data protected using end-to-end encryption to 23 — including iCloud Backup, Notes and Photos — protecting personal information even in the event of a data breach in the United States. a cloud.

4. Always On screen with less information

New settings let you turn off wallpaper or notifications when Always-On Display is on on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

5. Sono widget

A new sleep widget lets you see your most recent sleep data, right on your lock screen.

6. Medicine Widget

A new Medications widget lets you keep track of reminders to take your medications, right from the lock screen.

7. Game Center

O SharePlay for Game Center, announced at WWDC, finally comes to the iPhone. It works in multiplayer games so you can play with someone else on a FaceTime call.

The new Activity widget lets you see on your home screen what your friends are playing and catching up on in games.

8. Home app redone from scratch

The Home application was also completely redone in a new architecture, to offer more interactivity with devices from other brands compatible with the standard. Matter.

In fact, there are already manufacturers that promised to embed their devices in Home as of iOS 16.2.

9. Improved search in messages

In the English version of iOS 16.2, Apple promises improved search in the search within the iMessage app. It allows you to search for images that contain dogs, cats and people, just by typing the word.

However, in our tests with the Portuguese system, we were unable to make this feature work, which makes us think that for now this is limited to the English language version.

10. Limitation on AirDrop

AirDrop now automatically reverts to “Contacts only” after 10 minutes to avoid unwanted requests to receive content.

11. Improved Crash Detection

After the false alarms that the Accident Detection function began to cause in particular situations, such as a simple roller coaster ride, for example, the new system brings the possibility of easily communicating Apple when the SOS feature triggers unintentionally.

12. Novo visual no app TV

TV+ in the TV app on the iPhone gets a look very similar to other streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video. Now some titles will be highlighted on the screen.

Revamped iOS TV App

13. More Frequent Updates for Live Activities

When you view the settings of an app in Settings that supports the Live Activity feature, you’ll find an on/off switch for the feature. But in iOS 16.2, some may have an even bigger tweak.

For now this starts with the TV app, but other apps may offer this from now on.

14. Show IP address on selected websites

resource users iCloud Private Relay may temporarily disable the service of hiding one’s own IP for a specific website in Safari.

iCloud Private Relay

15. old notifications

A significant change in iOS brought three different notification views on the lock screen: count, set and list🇧🇷 No matter which one you choose, you have to swipe up on the screen to find your least recent notifications.

But when you swipe down Notification Center from the home screen or within an app, there’s a good chance you’ll want to see your new and old alerts right away, all at the same time.

iOS 16.2 recognizes this need and now allows it when using the Notification Center.

16. Weather forecast per minute

iOS before only showed hourly measurement changes. This still applies to the precipitation bar charts, but the others (Temperature, UV Index, Wind, Humidity, Visibility and Pressure) now show minute data in iOS 16.2.

17. Experimental CSS gradient colors

Although already available as an experimental Safari setting since iOS 15.4, iOS 16.2 finally enables the CSS Gradient Interpolation Colorspaces by default.

Web application engineer Adam Argyle has a good demo of how it is and you can try it. In the images below, you can see that no gradient colorspace appears in iOS 16.1 (left), but it does in iOS 16.2 (right).

Left: iOS 16.1 – Right: iOS 16.2 —

18. Quickly delete search history

A very discreet change, but one that helps in the daily life of the user. In iOS 16.2 it is possible to delete all search history made in Spotlight at once.

We talk about this in more detail. in this other article.

19. AI Stable Diffusion project support

iOS 16.2 brings Core ML optimizations to Stable Diffusion, the service creates images with a high degree of detail via artificial intelligence. As a result, these images can be processed directly on the iPhone (also iPads and Macs with Apple Silicon chips), without having to carry out the process on external servers.

20. New stock app widget

The Bolsa app gains a third widget that only shows the graph of a stock on the locked screen.

21. Live Changes in Notes

Now, whenever you’re in a shared note, you can see live indicators as other participants make changes to it.

Apple will release the update at any time for all compatible devices.

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