iOS 16.2 brought some bugs for several users »

In mid-December, Apple released its last major update of the year with the release of iOS 16.2 for all supported users.

However, many of our readers are experiencing bugs that they didn’t have before and complaints increase on social media.

Check out here in this article the problems that some are facing and tell us if you are also experiencing it.

WhatsApp with half screen

Several users are encountering a strange bug in WhatsApp, which has a half-black screen when used.

This bug actually came from iOS 16.1 and it is very likely that it is more of a problem with WhatsApp itself than with the operating system. In this case, you have to wait for an application update to resolve this.

WhatsApp audio glitches

Another problem that some are complaining about since the arrival of iOS 16.2 is having difficulties receiving or sending audio on WhatsApp.

The received audios simply do not load and when trying to send, they do not complete the sending. However, not all users are facing this problem, which once again seems to have more to do with the app than with iOS.

Non-Wi-Fi Issues

Several of our readers are also experiencing iPhone Wi-Fi interruptions with connection instability.

This causes problems when trying to load YouTube videos or even search for apps in the App Store.

This problem may also be related to the difficulty of some in making the Siri virtual assistant work. At certain times, she responds with the phrase “Siri didn’t quite understand. Try again.”

Problemas no Bluetooth

Our reader André Lopes says that since iOS 16.0 he has found a bug in the iPhone’s bluetooth that does not automatically connect to already paired devices. He claims this was fixed in iOS 16.1, but it came back in iOS 16.2.

Bugs no app Casa

Of course, we cannot leave aside the big bugs in updating the Home app, in which Apple itself recognized the problem and removed the option from the app.


On the battery issue, our readers are divided. While many say it got worse in iOS 16, most say it got a little better in iOS 16.2.

The strangest thing is that not everyone faces this problem and for many iOS 16.2 is running without any bugs.

And you, have you encountered any problems since you updated to iOS 16.2? Tell us here in the comments. 🇧🇷

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