International Durga Puja 2022 || Durga Puja of Dattabari in Boubazar is going on in far Toronto, madness of Maddox Square is going on abroad today.

#Toronto, Ritvik Dutta Ashwin’s blue turban is a cloud of cotton, the fair of flowers on the banks of the river is floating in the eye, Uma is coming home with her family by boat. The smell of puja in the air. Dutta family and friends are busy with the Puja arrangements. Between the sun and rain in the sky, the clouds like cotton are showing that Puja has arrived.

After two years of corona fear, this year’s festival is a bit more emotional and crazy. Life has started to return to normal. This time, festival-loving Bengalis got a chance to breathe a lot in that festival. The tradition of flying blue-eyed birds and sacrificing them was in the centuries-old puja of Dattabari in Boubazar.

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Although the scope of the puja has become smaller with the passage of time, the familiarity of Dattabari of Boubazar is still sufficient. The founder of the family, Mr. Sarojendranath Dutta, was then a medical college doctor, who received a gold medal for discovering the antidote to malaria.

Original home in Malda. From there his descendants Datta later started living in Boubazar. Around 1950 Durgotsava started in this dattabari. He was the first to introduce various cultural programs in front of the pujomandap. That tradition of the past is no more today. One by one, everyone in the family left Calcutta for work. No one from the family comes to the puja today Today, Goddess Durga is worshiped without pomp.

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Fast forward 70 years.

Ritvik Dutta, a scion of that family, is a Canadian resident by profession. Atimari, when her life was at a standstill, work from home, she suddenly decided to bring the family tradition of Durga Puja to Canada! As expected, Dutta’s home puja started 2 years ago by bringing fiber glass idols from Kolkata. Durga Puja was first started in 2020 with friends from Toronto by slotting 10 people according to the rules.

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This year the puja entered its third year. The sound of Dhak, Kansar bells explained that Durga Puja is truly universal. From Shasthi to Dasami, no ritual was left out in the puja. Even in the eyes of Corona, the last two years’ Sharodtsav has not faded a bit. Navapatrika, sandhi puja, sandhya aarti, darpan visarjan, vermilion game were all done according to the custom. Today, the Dutta family’s puja has taken the form of a public puja with friends. The puja has already started. As a result, the soil of Canada now only smells of poo poo poo. Jute broken sari-Punjabi came down from the deraj. Everyone is having a chat with each other.

This year the theme of the puja is Chandimandap to Maddox Square. Pujomandap is ready. Chandimandap with thatched roofs and foreign chests of Kash flowers. During the festival days, the puja premises of the Dutta house become virtually a meeting place. The festival of life brought everyone together. Calcutta’s Maddox Square puja appears in Canada. Dedar adda, evening cultural program with chop, singara, ghugni, coconut nadu, phuchka’s incomparable handshake. Dutta Bari Pooja is like a piece of Calcutta in the heart of Canada. More than half a century later, the Duttas of Malda have retained the same Banediana appeal in the diaspora.

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