In the Gard, the sabotage of a pylon targets the chemical industry

The saboteurs no longer skimp on the means. A group of « » claims, in an anonymous press release received by Reporterrethe degradation of an electrical installation in the region of Alès (Gard): « We sabotaged the 225,000 volt pylon of the main line which supplies electricity to the chemical-industrial pole of Salindres (Arkema company and others) »announce the authors of the message.

For these activists, it is necessary « tackle corporations that poison the earth » through occupations, demonstrations or sabotage. In Salindres, the industrial site was « too well protected », they explain. They therefore chose to cut off the power supply to the site. The saboteurs denounce the presence and pollution of the petrochemical giant Arkema, a firm from the chemical branch of the Total group.

Contacted by Reporterrethe Electricity transmission network (RTE) confirms that « malicious acts have been committed on installations »near Ales. « Our teams intervened to repair the pylon which had weakened the power line. This partly supplied the city of Alès as well as the industrial site »says the spokesperson for RTE. No power cuts were reported.

And today there is « no risks for the safety of third parties, nor for the power supply of the area ». RTE strongly condemns « this type of action which jeopardizes the safety of people and which can lead to power cuts » and initiated « a procedure for filing a complaint ».

Several actions against Arkema in recent days

The last days, several actions of civil disobedience targeted the petrochemical giant Arkema. December 17, Extinction Rebellion activists entered the Pierre-Bénite site (Rhône) in the chemical valley to denounce the environmental pollution caused by the company’s activities. With banners, the activists accused the petrochemical company of producing perfluorines since 1960, which « eternal pollutant »and to dump its toxic waste into the Rhône.

In parallel, another action was conducted in front of the building of the DREAL, In Lyon. Extinction Rebellion is asking for the total cessation of the production of eternal pollutants as well as the discharge of used water into the Rhône, and the complete depollution of the site and its surroundings at the expense of Arkema, as well as compensation for the victims. According to Le Figaro20 arrests were made following these actions.

Last May, a program of Special Envoy and Vert de rage revealed massive perfluorinated pollution in the Lyon region, after a team of independent researchers measured the levels of perfluorinated in the air, soil, water from the Rhône, drinking water in the region Lyonnaise and in the mother’s milk of exposed young mothers. Our Affair to All–Lyon had also filed two environmental summary proceedings against Arkema France and Elkem Silicones France LKEM for violating environmental law and exceeding authorized pollution thresholds.

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