In the 2026 World Cup there will be Budweiser, and several good beers – 12/17/2022 – Copo Cheio

When there were only two days left before the start of the Copacame the news that poured like water into the draft beer consumer who was thinking about gifts in Qatar: the banning the sale of beer in and around stadiums.

It was just one of many other restrictions on the first World Cup in the Middle East, but even Budweiser, the official beer of the event, caught the eye. “Following discussions between the host country and FIFA, a decision was taken to focus on the sale of alcoholic beverages at Fan Fest, other tourist destinations and authorized outlets, removing beer outlets from the perimeters of the 2022 World Cup,” he said. FIFA statement.

Even the Germans, who madly complained about being forced to sell Budweiser in their Cup, in 2006, questioned the decision at the last minute.

But the good news is that in 2026, “the beer’s coming home”, as the English would say. Best-selling beer in the United States, Bud, which belongs to Ambev’s portfolio, has a guaranteed contract until the 2026 World Cup, to be played in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Guaranteed joy for the cupbearers on duty.

But why settle for just Budweiser when you’re looking at a malt and hop heaven? Fans of craft beers can stay away from the official brand and feast on the multitude of special labels — at least, outside the stadium.

The World Cup will be an amusement park hopped in each venue — in all, there will be 16, including 11 American cities: Vancouver and Toronto (Canada); Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and New York (USA); and Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey (Mexico).

Well, if you are thinking about beer when choosing a game to watch, the main suggestion is Californian San Francisco and Los Angeles, home to several respected American IPAs, or, at the other end, New York and Boston.

San Francisco is home to the great Anchor Brewing, for example, a brewery that contributed to the movement boom in the country and that was often found around here in specialized bars, such as EAP, but has been in short supply. As well as Sierra Nevada, another successful Californian.

Another well-known brewery in the region is Lagunitas, which owns a traditional Indian pale ale, which is easily accessible in Brazil —it is part of the Heineken portfolio.

On the other side of the country, in New York, you can also have a beer party. The city that should host the Cup final is home to breweries such as the Brooklyn Brewery, known here. The Brooklyn neighborhood is still home to brands like Threes Brewing and trendy Grimm Artisanal Ales.

On Long Island, there’s the cool Rockaway Brewing, or the Alewife Taproom, a popular pub where you can drink beers from around the world.

If in the cities of the west coast it will be easy to find many west coast IPA, on the east side, in New York or Boston, New England IPA, or juicy IPA, are in charge. By the way, the capital of Massachusetts is home to one of the main artisans in the United States, Samuel Adams, who occasionally showed up in São Paulo.

We’re still going to talk a lot about American breweries in the cities of the next World Cup, but it’s already a comfort to know that you’re going to have Bud and, better yet, there’s going to be much more than Bud.

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