Imran Khan was formally investigated before NAB’s Combined Investigation Team

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The Combined Investigation Team of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) formally investigated Chairman PTI, former Prime Minister Imran Khan in connection with the investigation of the National Crime Agency’s £190 million scam.

According to sources, Imran Khan is being asked to answer 20 questions related to the case.

The source has said that NAB asked Imran Khan about the records of his correspondence with the British Crime Agency.

Sources have also said that NAB has also asked Imran Khan for records of freezing orders worth 19 crore pounds.

Earlier, the NAB team had summoned Imran Khan on May 18 but he did not appear.

Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi is in a car outside NAB Rawalpindi office.

The AC of Imran’s car broke down in the judicial complex

It should be noted that Chairman PTI Imran Khan has appeared before NAB Rawalpindi in connection with the investigation of the National Crime Agency’s £190 million scam.

In the Judicial Complex Islamabad, Chairman PTI, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s car’s AC broke down, after which another car was ordered.

Imran Khan along with Bushra Bibi reached NAB Rawalpindi office in another vehicle.

On the occasion of Imran Khan’s appearance at the NAB Rawalpindi office, the security was put on high alert while more Rangers also arrived.

On this occasion, DIG Operations Shahzad Anjum has also reached NAB Rawalpindi office.

Imran appeared in the 190 million pound scam

Imran Khan has appeared in NAB Rawalpindi office in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case after appearing in the judicial complex today.

Imran Khan has come to the NAB office to be involved in the investigation in the 190 million pound scam case.

Formation of 7 member prosecution team of NAB

A prosecution team of NAB has been formed in cases against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A 7-member prosecution team has been formed under the leadership of Deputy Prosecutor General Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi.

With the approval of Chairman NAB, Prosecutor General NAB Syed Asghar Haider has issued a notification for the formation of this 7-member team.

The Toshah Khana case against Imran Khan and the National Crime Agency’s £190 million scam are ongoing.

Armored vans and prisoners’ vans were delivered to the NAB office

On the occasion of the appearance of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, security has been put on high alert outside the office of NAB Rawalpindi.

The roads adjacent to the NAB office in Melodi area of ​​Rawalpindi have been sealed by the police.

The main highway, adjacent streets and roads from Melody to Lal Masjid have also been sealed with barbed wire and blocks.

Police, Rangers, FC, Elite Force and Ladies Police are posted outside NAB Rawalpindi office.

Rangers personnel are stationed at the main gate of NAB office.

In view of security, the entry of unrelated persons around the NAB office has been prohibited.

Armored vans and prisoners’ vans were also delivered outside the NAB office.

Imran fears arrest today

Imran Khan has expressed the fear of his possible arrest on the occasion of appearance today and said that I am going to Islamabad, the law is not there, they can arrest me for anything.

Imran Khan has instructed the workers not to riot in case of his arrest, saying that if the workers riot, the PDM will get a narrative, which the government will use for crackdown.

He further said that those who supported us on social media were arrested, these people are deliberately creating an atmosphere so that people do not stand in fear if they arrest me again.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan also said that Supreme Court of Pakistan will save us.

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