“I’m fine”: serial killer Charles Sobhraj, aka The Serpent, is back in France!

Released from prison in Nepal, Charles Sobhraj arrived in France this Saturday, December 24. The serial killer nicknamed The Serpent must undergo heart surgery.

The Serpent is a free man. Convicted for the murders of two North American tourists and suspected of having killed twenty people in the 1970s in Asia, Charles Sobhraj was imprisoned for 19 years in Kathmandu, Nepal. Wednesday, December 22, justice freed him for health reasons. “To keep him continuously in prison is not in accordance with the human rights of the prisoner, said the magistrates. The serial killer is in need of open-heart surgery and his release is in line with a Nepalese law allowing the release of bedridden prisoners who have already served three-quarters of their sentence.” This Saturday, December 24, The Serpent arrived in France, at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airportin Paris, aboard a plane from Doha, Qatar.

“I am innocent in all these cases (…) Everything was built on false documents. I have a lot of things to dohe confided to an AFP journalist present in his plane. I’m doing well. I have to sue many people including the State of Nepal. The judge, without questioning any witness (…) and without allowing the accused to present any argument, wrote down the verdict (…). All the judges were biased.” His French lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, welcomed his release : “It took more than nineteen years for him to regain his freedom and I am very happy and very shocked. He was unjustly sentenced on a file fabricated with falsified documents by the Nepalese police. scandal, he is presented as a serial killer, which is completely false”.

Charles Sobhraj: what sentence had he been sentenced to?

Before the announcement of the transfer of Charles Sobhraj, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs had made it known that France would welcome him if an extradition request was made to him. “notified”. In this case, “France would be required to do so since Mr. Sobhraj is a French national”, explained a spokesperson. According to AFP, the serial killer was arrested in India in 1976 and then spent 21 years in prison, a period marked by a brief escape in 1986 after drugging the guards. He was later arrested in the Indian state of Goa. Released in 1997, he retired to Paris but resurfaced in 2003 in Nepal, where he was spotted in Kathmandu and arrested. The following year, a court sentenced him to life imprisonment for the 1975 murder of American tourist Connie Jo Bronzich. Ten years later, he was also found guilty of murdering the Canadian companion of his previous victim.

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